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  1. RubberDuck

    ClubIt & PC Club GONE!

    What a sad day this is.... http://www.clubit.com/ :sad::sad::sad:
  2. RubberDuck

    GPU-Z (Current Version: 0.2.1)

    Get It Here --> http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/1058/...U-Z_v0.2.0.html <--
  3. RubberDuck

    How Many PC's Do You Own?

    4 rigs. 3 AMD & 1 Intel
  4. RubberDuck

    "Core Temp" - monitor temps on K8s and Core/2 CPUs (updated

    CoreTemp Version 0.98.1 - 23rd April, 2008 Download: --> Core Temp 0.98.1 <--
  5. RubberDuck

    When do you overclock?

    I choose " right off the bat " but normally I let it run stock for at least 1 week.
  6. I had that same kit when I started WC. It worked great for the CPU. As for adding a GPU block to that I would just get the Swiftech Apex "Ultra + { link Here } kit. Also it comes with a NB block ( just in case ya want to WC that also ).
  7. RubberDuck

    Your new years resolution is....

    This year My Res is buy AMD not Intel & Upgrade to Vista
  8. RubberDuck

    GPU-Z (Current Version: 0.2.1)

    There is a version out --> v0.1.5 <--
  9. For my 24/7 Folding rig { one in sig } I don't go anywhere past 55c. I like it to be 50c fully loaded :cool:
  10. RubberDuck

    which one will you guys choose from?

    If it was me I would get that one.
  11. RubberDuck

    2 chipset blocks bad?

    YA like everone says that pump will work great. As for cooling bolth chipsets I don't see why not. I see people that cool them bolth all the time. I have my NB cooled and I noticed a world of difference. I like my reservoir & would not use anything else but it is really your choise. What readitor are you using by the way ?? Also with the D-tek fuzion CPU are you going to bow it & use the D-Tek FuZion Accelerator Nozzle Kit ???
  12. RubberDuck

    what chipset water block?

    Here ya go --> DFI EXPERT Chipset Block { Linky } <--
  13. RubberDuck

    GPU-Z (Current Version: 0.2.1)

    There is a version out --> v0.1.3<--
  14. RubberDuck

    UV Green

    FTW D-Tek Liquid F/X UV Dye: Alien Green Here is the --> Linky <-- Way to expensive IMO