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    AMD X2 3800+ @ 2.7ghz
    4 x Kingston 512MB DDR400 @ DDR450
    EVGA 8800GTS 640MB
    Mushkin 650watt Modular PSU
    Seagate 500GB
    Seagate 250GB
    Ultra Aluminus
  1. Its gonna be pushing it. How oc'd is ur CPU? Also, i dont think uhave enough connectors to plug in both those badboys..
  2. Great speakers. They are both the same. I got them for $250!
  3. Might be interested in Ram, Keyboard and GPU How much would shipping be to Toronto, Canada?
  4. Wc3 addict right here... same username
  5. Darkorb

    Random Jumps

    supposed to be 06 THanks for the help, its 2.0. which registry cleaner?
  6. Darkorb

    Random Jumps

    Vista 64bit home premium. it was fine b4 i reformatted.
  7. Darkorb

    Random Jumps

    Recently after my reformat, firefox has been acting up. Whenever i open a new tab or i do something to "stress" firefox, open a few pages at once, the page doesnt load for a big and it says Fire fox has stopped responding in the top above the address bar. After 2-4 seconds it goes away and everything is back to normal. I have tried re-isntalling. This also occurs when swapping between tabs. ANy ideas? Thanks! Oh and my system is pretty decent, AMD X2, 2gb ram, 8800GTS, 500GB Seagate
  8. yea that sounds about right. how much for this rig though? INTEL PD 940 2GB Kingston Ram ASUS P5LD2 - DELUXE Antec 550 Watt PSU Antec Atlas 3 Case Fans ATI X1950XT 160gb HD
  9. Darkorb


    declocked and 1 stick of ram i still get the same error. gay balls
  10. Darkorb


    OK ill try on stock. Sorry but iv never had this type of problem before
  11. Darkorb


    i tried again and got this "File i386ntkrnlmp.exe The error code is 14. Setup cannot continue." the disc is in good condition, not that many scratches on it.. I de-clocked my comp a bit and that error went away. But im still getting the Error loading operating system
  12. Darkorb


    I have tried that 2-3 times. But ill try it again..
  13. Darkorb


    I am reformatting my machine, and thought i would give XP one more go. Although as i am done installed/formatting and my computer restarts, everytime it says "Error loading operating system" I have 2 drives, 500gb and 250gb, but only the 500 is plugged in. Any ideas? I would try my Vista disk but it is at a friends.
  14. Darkorb

    GTA 4 - ps3 / 360

    i just played mario kart, it was ok. wasnt amazing or anything
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