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How many DFI-based computers have you built?


143 members have voted

  1. 1.

    • ZERO. But I will soon.
    • ONE. My sig rig is my one and only. But not my last.
    • TWO. Ive been around the block before.
    • THREE. I like to upgrade. ALOT.
    • FOUR or more. Im obsessed, a mod, or admin, or I build for business.

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Guest r3d c0m3t

This is my first DFI rig and to be quite honest I was a little worried. All of the reviews I read about DFI-awesomeness suggested that DFI isn't meant for those who're still relatively new to the DIY game. I've been at this for about a good year and some months now, but it still worried me to the fact that I only wanted to read about DFI motherboards, but never own one. Then I got around to my first true mobo and ASUS A8N32, after that I savored after the CFX-3200 and look where I am now.


I love this board and if my first experience is anything to go by, I will be getting the RD600 board. Of course when I have the money. :)

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To be honest I'm kind of lucky to have gone with DFI. I knew almost nothing about computers when I built this one. I knew how they worked (kind of) but I thought my old generic 20-pin 300w power supply (which doesn't have a +12v connector even) would have worked for it until I read the reviews on Newegg that linked to a post on this very forum.


Thinking that as long as it was above 480w and had a native 24-pin ATX plug, I went and bought a ThermalTake. :D


Haha, then I got worried that when I built it I'd get confused by all the BIOS settings (I thought I'd have to go through hours in the BIOS to get it set up lol). So decided to make my debut here and everyone told me to RMA the PSU and get a better one.


I'm getting sidetracked.


But anyway, I ended up getting a DFI board not out of research but out of pretty much sheer luck. This guy I knew online said it was his ideal motherboard, so I decided to get it. But that's the same guy who recommended a 6600GT. Although as a credit to him, he did say the 7800 was "if you want badass" but that the 6600 was the best for the money. I guess looking back he knew what he was talking about, but I don't think he was really into the whole giving me advice bit.


If I was building a computer for a friend, I'd definitely go DFI again. If I was building for a customer I'd go ASUS to save the money (that is, make more profit lol). Especially for a first build, I definitely think I struck oil by going DFI. I just wish I'd been into computers during the original Athlon era, that would have been cool.

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Obsessed, :D I think 17 is the number

2003 Winter - NF2 LanParty Ultra-B (I was the n00biest n00b in n00bville, n00bistan)

2004 Spring - nF2 Infinity x 2 (work and spare)

2004 Summer - 2x NF2 Infinity for sons.

2004 Fall - 3x NF2 Infinity for friends

2005 Winter- 2x NF4 LanParty Ultra-D

2005 Summer - Expert and Ultra-D for Friends

2005 Fall - Expert and Ultra-D for Customers

2006 Winter - Venus (gawd I miss that rig)

2006 Summer - NF2 LanParty Ultra-B and NF4 LanParty Ultra-D (current)

I've only had two RMA's, an LPB where I pulled the Memory out while it was on and HO that just hated booting. Really satisfied with the quality.


Wish I had some money, I'd buy another. :)

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Guest SuppA-SnipA

does it count when u tell people recommended parts, and help them actually choose parts for a dfi rig? if so then i built 3 (including mine)

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Obsessed, :D I think 17 is the number...

Wish I had some money, I'd buy another. :)


I think you need some intervention... :shake: Or to take out some stock and get dividens paid in boards... :rolleyes:

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within the last year:

2-infinity nf4 ultra(friends

2-Ultra-d(1 for me, 1 for dad)

1-SLI DR(just a big change, for a member on here)

2-rs482(mom, and a coworker)


currently thinking about an rs482 for myself

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I had been eyeing DFI boards for at least a couple of years, but was unwilling to pay the "premium" price. This is despite the fact that I have (in the long run) spent "premium" prices after replacing motherboards in the past that had less than even "value" performance. The Epox mobo that never got out of boot. The Gigabyte board that crapped out after 1 year, 6 months. The MSI board that gave me I/O errors on Windows install.


So finally, I did the right thing. I bought what I should have gotten in the first place and I doubt I will be sorry in the long run.


Now just to get this damn Corsair RAM to run like it should.... ;)

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My sig rig is currently under way. With new ATI cards and Vista on the way things will change a little. I'm not a total power user so I love my Opty for teh beast it is. I just love to tinker and tweak. That is the reason for the switch. I'm impressed thus far with quality and layout. Looking forward to a crossfire rig with DX10 tho.

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4 x NF2 LP-B's...all in 2004-2005


2 x NF4 SLI-DR Lanparties


1 x SLI-D lanparty


1 NF3-ut250gb....


I actaully paid for the NF2's new...the rest came from here...


That makes 8 boards for me... that dont count the ...


3 x Biostar M7VITpro's


3 x Biostar M7VIG400's


2 x Gigabyte NF2 7N400pro's


1 x Gigabyte NF2 7NNXP Triton


1 x MSI Neo-4 platinum


1 x Abit AV8 (939agp)


1 x ECS K8M800-754.....



all but the LP-B's and the Gigabyte's and Biostars came from this forum.... I think thats most of them....;)

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