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  1. VB.net, C++,C#, Delphi, whole bunch of older languages. At a certain point, a new language is just a matter of familiarizing yourself with features/syntax.
  2. Having a some trouble with this Tablet PC. The owner is claiming it's "too slow." shut down a lot of startup stuff, blah blah. Runs much better BUT... It's throttling the CPU, running 998mhz instead of 1.66Ghz. And when running one app(lets use superpi for this example) it only loads 50%total CPU(50% of each core). Two instances of superpi will load it 100%. http://www.fourwardmomentum.com/pete/superpi.bmp The owner uses this thing for Adobe Premier/Photoshop etc. and they both only load 50% as well. Any setting/drivers/etc. that i can change to get the CPU to utilize it's power? Specs: MS XP Tablet edition Intel Core Duo T2300E(1.66GHZ, although it wants to run at 997MHZ as seen in control panel and cpuz) 1GB running at 266mhz 4-4-4-12-16 Dual channel Northbridge: Intel i945GM Southbridge: Intel 82801GHM (ICH7-M DH) Bios: 8/3/2006
  3. I've had good luck with open box DFI boards. I think you'll enjoy that ultra-d(I miss mine).
  4. Played multiplayer last night, plenty of games going on, fairly smooth play. I'm really enjoying this game, but it seems like a real system hog on my end. I'm hearing single core(3200+) guys with 7600's not having issues, but I'm only getting mid 20 FPS(1280X1024, using a mod, most video stuff set to medium).
  5. Totally forgot about this, I'm still out of town, hoping to get back home By saturday. Sorry for my late response. I'll pm you when I make it home.
  6. I've got one(stock intel hsf), but I mangled two of the pins/clips that hold it int he MB. if you want it it's yours but I can't ship till Monday. Pete
  7. What kind of temps were you seeing Angry? I'm currently priming at 3.65, loading at 49-51C(CPU), and 50-52C NB. granted I'm on water, but I'm only running a GTS120(rad) at the moment.
  8. Not trying to be negative, but from an owner of and icfx, you would be better off with a Infinity 975x. SPecially if you are just going to "mess around with overclocking". You basically have to have good overclocking knowledge to get this board stable(icfx3200).
  9. Rumor has it, with the e4XXX series coming out, the E6400 with soon have 4mb L2 unlocked. For the price right now, the E6400 is my pick. With a decent board the E6400 can go as high as the E6600 for less money.(and as Angry has stated, the extra cache is very negligible).
  10. lugie


    10-4 on the shoot the guy outta the chopper. I just beat Farcry for the second time...preparing for Crysis! I have a helluva time on "Medium" though, can't imagine realistic.
  11. No problems with dual channel here *crossing fingers* Confirming Dan, thats a 975 block installed, temps are 47-49*C(load) with the CPU in the same loop, only running a GTS120(D5 pump) for the moment.
  12. not familiar with Belgium exchange rates. I'll pm you and we can sort this out.
  13. 2.75ghz(1.45V) over 14 hours prime stable, loads at 38C under a TDX(1X120mm GTS). I'll see if I can dig up some screenies. -Added another set of memory
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