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  1. GL with cordless and gaming. I play at a low sensitivity and wireless have never worked for me, Ive tried G7 and the MX-Revolution.
  2. The New eVGA 750i FTW might be a winner. Posted 500 fsb on evga forums and is in hands of reviewers on xs soon. Link Item#:N82E16813188026 Please use the newegg link on the top of the page if possible! $189.99 3 Business Day Shipping $8.55 (Not available in HI, AK and PR)
  3. only reason to buy nvidia intel boards is to run sli, if you dont plan to run sli p35, etc are better clock for clock and more stable.
  4. I bought a used PS2 strictly for Rock Band, regretting it now that I cannot buy more songs. Ive broken 2 sets of drum sticks
  5. probably it on the videcard, under load w/ heat caps can whine
  6. Still looking for Call of Duty 4 (for PC) Payment: paypal Location; Chicago, IL Heatware: wangerin
  7. Anyone have a ss of gpu-z with a 8800gts 640? Found these (notice the Shaders) 8800GTX __________________________________ 8800GTS
  8. What card is this? This card was sent back RMA, the part number indicates its a regular 8800gts. But on the back of the card is a little sticker that states 8800GTS SSC. Bios is The Part Number is 640-P2-N821-AR, but I thikn its a underclocked SSC (112 stream processors vs 96).
  9. http://www.motherboardpro.com/ Call them up and ask, they might be able to find you one.
  10. What do you plan to use the PC for? I think the PSU is fine for that mobo (probably wont oc), cpu and onboard or a low-end card.
  11. I hope his raid controller doesnt die and take the drives with it.
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