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  1. winginit

    Socket 939 X2 Board

  2. winginit

    It's a Girl...!!

    Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family, dr_bowtie!
  3. winginit

    Any bikers?

    momoceio.... a Yamy V-Star is a pretty nice first bike. Good luck with it.... I hope it treats you well! I started riding in about 1970 on a Rupp mini-bike(I guess that's been a while ago!).... and my current ride is a 2001 Harley FXD TC88. Hey, glad to see some fellow riders here....
  4. Thanks AG, Tmod and all you other folks that worked so hard getting the "Street" back up to speed. Nice job and congrats!
  5. winginit

    Where are you from?

    southwest Minnesota
  6. LookBackX2- My system isn't together yet, so I don't have a report on the Team Microns. However, I picked mine up at Tankguys for about $220. They're a great place to do business with, and it looks like they still have the ram in stock(they drop ship from Team in CA).
  7. My Opty shipped from the TN warehouse.
  8. My Opty shipped from the TN warehouse in Oct.
  9. (USA)southwest Minnesota... a stone's throw from South Dakota
  10. winginit

    Late shipping- should I complain?

    I ordered RAM from Tankguys and Fedex Home Delivery delivered on a Saturday, so don't give up yet. That Fedex truck accident happened about 100 miles from me due to very icy road conditions. I hope your package wasn't involved. Good luck!
  11. winginit

    How many DFI-based computers have you built?

    None, as of yet. But this one (if my sig shows up) is coming down the pike.
  12. winginit

    How many DFI-based computers have you built?

    None yet, but this one's coming soon.