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  1. 1. Thinking people care what order your fingers hit the keyboard in. 2. Thinking that a free nation is one that has no religion (?) 3. Thinking that thinking something is actually a decision at all.
  2. Is your operating system windows 2000 SP4, or windows XP SP2 or higher?
  3. I have too many problems with OO's equation editor, but for the average user, the suite should be more than enough. Don't discount web apps either!
  4. Ubuntu 64 bit. If that were an option. I don't know man, I read about problems with both.
  5. i have ff 3b4 on my ubuntu install, guess i gotta upgrade it. my beef with the unnofficial releases is the lack of addons.
  6. I was looking at woot.com literally 5 minutes before reading that post. They had their own little April fools joke, which I immediately got. But, I was thick enough to fall for this all day.
  7. Go F YOURSELF ANGRY! lol I wasn't prepared for this mind explosion....
  8. MACarter02


    yes, they play and burn cd's dvd's and blu-ray disks
  9. The Sherree Chaimberlain Band - You don't Love me (999)
  10. the GL is an 'open source' router with more memory. You can run the full version of DD-WRT on it without jumping through hoops. with V5 of the standard wrt54g you should be able to run the micro version of DD-WRT. This is off the top of my head though, gotta look it up yourself to be sure.
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