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Unofficial F.E.A.R. Performance Test Chart & Discussion Thread

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Interesting.. I installed the cat 6.7 drivers, and CCC and now Ati tool is actually working properly. It ramps to my oc's settings when a 3d app is opened, and slows them back down to the standard 2d settings when in windows.


Here are my results:


Cpu @ 2.6 Video Card @ 645 / 785



(51) (99) (248)


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New results from moi :)


e6600 @ 3.1ghz 8800gts 640mb @ 565/1685 forceware 97.44 Ram Ocz plat rev 2 1:1 5-5-5-15 1T


No Vsync

63 (131) 339





48 (70) 81


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