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  1. ^^ Needs to switch to amd
  2. ^^ Spends too much time at the computer and eats lots of potato chips
  3. Nightshadow

    When do you overclock?

    I'm with old geekster on this one. I have only overclocked a handfull of my various computers, but I read about how to do it, and test it all properly before I even started messing with it. I had to have read about it for at least a couple months before I began the OCing journey.
  4. Nightshadow

    What kind of Car do you drive??

    Nice cars guys! It's good to see the thread has reached 20+ pages.
  5. Well, I drive a '93 Super Red Toyota Mr2 Turbo And I also drive a (Currently Engineless)Freeborne Red '87 Toyota Landcruiser Fj60 (Winter use rig) So what kind of car(s) / truck(s) do you drive?? Post pics!!
  6. Nightshadow

    Will this PSU work?

    Don't forget about pc p&c
  7. I am seriously considering buying this game, but I hear the framerates can be somewhat dissapointing, and go as low as 15-20 FPS even with a high end system. So what framerates are you getting with your rig?
  8. Well, I am in the process of putting together another rig, at least I'll be fininshing it up as soon as I get some of this stuff sold... Here is what I've got: Amd X2 4800 Skt 939 : 200 ShippedSOLD 1GBx2 G.Skill PC4000 HZ's : 245 ShippedSOLD Dfi lanparty UT Nf4 Ultra D : 75 shipped Powercolor X1900XT : 225 Shipped Swiftech Storm Rev.2 : 80 ShippedSOLD Swiftech MCW60 : 30 ShippedSOLD Swiftech MCP655 : 60 ShippedSOLD BlackIce GTS 240 : 30 ShippedSOLD 1/2" barbs on everything, and I have the original box/paperwork for both the motherboard, and the video card... Also, I have the original H/S fan off of the video card, however it is not attached... I could sell the waterblock/graphics card together if someone wants that combo. All prices OBO, however please don't lowball me Paypal and USPS M.O.'s are accepted, and I will ship internationally, but shipping will be extra! Heatware : Nightshadow All items will be going out via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. Here are some old pics... My camera is acting oddly, however when I get it fixed, I'll get some updated ones.. All this stuff is in immaculate condition, and essentially has only been used for a few months.
  9. Nightshadow

    Computer part out! Swiftech/X1900Xt/4800X2/G.skill !

    I don't know about the mixed brands, but it would probably be fine, though I never tried it. Are they all the same speed?
  10. Nightshadow

    drivers for sale thread

    From the title, I thought you were going to be trying to sell drivers...
  11. Nightshadow


    I'm not sure I get what you are trying to say... But Welcome to the street! Check the paypal donate button at the bottom!
  12. Nightshadow

    Computer part out! Swiftech/X1900Xt/4800X2/G.skill !

    Upwards..... Pics coming....
  13. Nightshadow

    Computer part out! Swiftech/X1900Xt/4800X2/G.skill !

    Thanks guys... ^^^
  14. Nightshadow

    Getting Ready For It!!!

    Looks good... Nice colors Reading some tidbits now. Keep up the good work.
  15. Nightshadow

    To those that donated to DIY-Street (DFI-Street)

    Hey!!! Been realy busy lately... Just finally got around to sending you an email.. Thanks again for getting the street back up!
  16. Nightshadow

    Long time Lurker, first time poster

    Lol... Sometimes I come over to the street to brush up on the niner knowledge. Niner knowledge is gooood.
  17. Nightshadow

    What kind of Car do you drive??

    What is that thing from ?? That looks guy looks like will gates
  18. Nightshadow

    What kind of Car do you drive??

    You can't really read the screen, but: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2...whp+supra&hl=en