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  1. PS and he can take the better clocker
  2. Splave

    xfx 8800gt low overclock?

    you unlinked when you used riva tuner right? OC the shader clock first as it will give you the most benefit, then when you max that do the core, then mem
  3. lol 500 watts doesnt cut it guys? His system is using 300 watts max, if his psu is rated at %60 efficiency or higher he should be fine
  4. Splave

    Just ordered Asus Eee - call me crazy.

    awesome! let us know about, wireless range etc.
  5. looks sweet! bet your pumped. go with the ballistix they are sick
  6. http://www.techspot.com/review/53-pentium-...2160/page5.html IMO its def not that much of a hindrance, unless you plan to [email protected] I would get it.
  7. Splave

    I like Vista/ I can live with Vista

    I got my idle ram usage down to 403mb. You just need to tweak it and disable certain services and def turn off UAC indexing etc.
  8. Splave

    NVIDIA 9800GX2 is almost here!

    quad sli again lol jeez im in for 1
  9. PS, I wish my GF gamed/showed interest in PC's
  10. I can recommend these http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820146567 Less to worry about with the rebate and Im currently priming mine at ddr2-1100 5-5-5-15 @ 2.1v They are hand picked or so I was told and clock better than the 800 sticks... I think a e2140 would be sufficient, they have the M0 stepping out which all do over 3.0ghz (20s Superpi 1m) My e6750 doesnt like the blood iron at all, Ive tryed countless settings to get over 465fsb stable at any setting. Could be a bum chip I suppose but doubt it.
  11. For sale, from the 14787 Area code and accepting paypal and MO's prices shipped are usps ground (we can work out something else if need be) semi flexible. heat splave ebay morpheusjohnson AMD 939 +3200 OEM couple bent pins but none broken. Easy fix. $20 shipped Lapped 775 Celeron D 352 Does 4ghz easy, Comes OEM. Fun to toy with! SOLD Sapphire x550 256mb PCI-e x16 Great little backup card. Eats up source engine games for dinner! Current HWbot aq3 record holder for x550's $37 shipped 2x512mb OCZ value ddr-400 cas 2.5 Solid and gets the job done, never seen oc. $40 shipped DVD/CD burner drive enclosure got off the egg but never really used it Comes with firewire and usb cables very easy install $20 shipped Thanks, please bump with pm! SOLD ITEMS Ti-89 Titanium graphing calculator Comes NWOB, used once and dropped calc! Includes computer cable and CD as well as manual. $85 shipped
  12. radorill has teh haxz
  13. think a e6550 would be good?
  14. Anyone have voltage setup that would help me hit 500mhz? Looked in OCDB but didnt find much.
  15. welcome back charmed! lol tri sli should be pretty nasty look forward to seeing it anyone help a brotha out getting my blood iron over 465fsb?? http://diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=82372
  16. they still have 6800 cards to RMA with? thats amazing
  17. Should do atleast 400x8 (mine does it stock) ram 1:1 would be spot on 800mhz. There are a bunch of guides out there, its easy to transfer knowledge though if you know hot to oc AMD?
  18. So I tryed leaving everything the default voltages, set my cpu to +25 to make it 1.35 and my mem voltage to 2.1v and set timings and I can boot 460x7 with stock vnb,vtt, etc wtf?!?! Its some wall at 470 regardless of what I do, what are your settings for 490 xploit?
  19. Tryed the following just to try to get it to boot. Vcore=1.5v SB 1.05v=1.15v SB core/PLL=1.55v NB core=1.61v CPU VTT=1.55v Ratio 333/667 x6 Multi 450 worked 460 worked 470 No luck wont even boot bios 500 No luck wont even boot bios x7 Multi 450 worked 460 worked 470 No luck wont even boot bios 500 No luck wont even boot bios My ram I have booted up to 1250mhz so thats not whats crapping out, I tryed taking two sticks out as well. still wont do 470. Is it the divider? I tryed swapping the FSB pins that make it manual/800/1066/1333 from 1333 to manual and still 470 is a wall. Should I try 800 or 1066? Running out of ideas here
  20. Splave

    $200 cash prize logo contest!

    we post entries here?
  21. Will pay via paypal, 16mb a plus but not required. Need a cheapie, heat:splave Would be shipped to NY
  22. Read the title! Please post offers in here thanks guys. Will pay via Paypal and Im in western NY. C2d e6420 from JRW21! 8800gts 640 will pay $250ish shipped Heat splave ebay morpheusjohnson