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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817814005 Think about this Tagan too.
  2. The Rosewill 550W is supposed to be solid PSU according to Johnnyguru. Just make sure it's got the connectors you need. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817182030
  3. I agree, however, an 8800GT 512mb for ~$230-240 is the best single card deal you can get right now. I ran that 3870 Xfire setup for a bit and it was a beast but decided that SLI 8800GTS 512mb were even better. There is no cheaper/better dual card set up than a single 8800gt will do.
  4. I did shader, core then memory. Unlike the G80 cards though, there IS a performance benefit from OCing the ram. I think a core this fast is a little bandwidth starved.
  5. Yup, you just seem to have a dud. But try rivatuner 2.06 and the special cfg file off the internet. Right now my GTS 512mb is going 800/1944/2160 for 24/7 and 828/1998/2200 for benches.
  6. Yup, you just seem to have a dud. But try rivatuner 2.06 and the special cfg file off the internet. Right now my GTS 512mb is going 800/1944/2160 for 24/7 and 828/1998/2200 for benches.
  7. Well... I'm grave digging this but my GTS seems capable of 828/2000/2160 clocks for benching and 820/1944/2140 clocks for 24/7 play. Amazing on the stock cooler.
  8. Because 90 points is well within the margin of error. 90/7000= ~1.25%.
  9. Definitely one of the p35 boards. I'd go with the abit model that's got the ICH9R. Or if you're really looking at keeping it cheap a DFI Blood Iron. Very good board but, no Xfire possibility.
  10. I've got the card, I'm actually waiting for the second to arrive to play with.
  11. Ah, I'll let you know how mine works. I'm thinking about installing it as we speak and seeing what she can do.
  12. Eh, I'm less interested in this card and more interested in the new 8800GTS 512mb. The extra shader freq/shader units/core speed means WORLDS more than an extra 512mb of ram stuck essentially glued onto the old card. Speaking of which, I heard about this card.... an then bought a new GTS
  13. Got the GPU client going on my XT. It's looking like about one % per 7min. I'll leave it on during my break, hopefully it'll do something while the rest of my rigs are down. I won't leave them on without supervision for that long.
  14. http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16817814006 $180 + free ship - $80MIR = $100 Here you guys go... a 800W PSU by Tagan... top notch quality for $100 measly dollars AR. Keep in mind though, this is an uber stict rebate from newegg themselves. You have two weeks. I bought one to replace my 700W OCZ. Remember it's 2x6 2x8 PCIe connectors. EDIT: BONUS... IT ALSO COMES WITH A FREE 2GB FLASH DRIVE IF YOU CHECK THE COMBO DEALS ON THE PSU!
  15. Keep in mind this is the 256bit version, not the 512bit. A) Who gives a rats butt about power consumption? It's less than a GTXs and no one seems to complain about them. B) Did you own one? They only got noisy if you turned it up past 45%. At 37% default it's silent.
  16. Sweet,awesome to hear. I'm probably going to set up my quad core again with an xt to see if I can finagle a SMP+GPU machine.
  17. I don't think that you go out the same entrance you go into. You keep going through it until it exits elsewhere and try to get there from that exit.
  18. BTW Angry... the romans were REALLY into diddling little boys. I mean that.
  19. This winter break... I promise I'll write an HL2EP2/portal review. Travis would you be willing to run it were it up to snuff? Should I e-mail it to you? One caveat, I WILL have pictures bigger than 800x600... I'm leaving it up to others to pare down size as they see fit.
  20. Oop, back up to 3.33Ghz stable. Doesn't look like I'll get much more. % times are ~ 8min 20-30Sec.
  21. OMG I flashed to the new BIOS and things went to hell in a handbasket. It's not stable even at 3.2GHz anymore. I'm SO glad I saved the original BIOS before I flashed. I don't do that normally. Why did I have to mess with things? I was getting sub 9 mins / % times
  22. WOOHOO got my P965 back from DFI and I've got the quad up to a paltry 3.5Ghz. OH YEAH. I feel points rolling on.
  23. Tasr... WTH... did you move another rig back the street or what?
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