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Watercooling My PC-V2000 *Complete with pictures*

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This is my worklog for my project: Watercooling the Lian-Li PC-V2000B PLUS II W. The case I purchased can be seen here. This worklog will be update weekly... or in some cases bi-weekly with the progress I've made. This is a full out mod and I intend for it to look clean and professional. The 360mm radiator will be mounted on the top of the case along with the fillport, while the pump will be hidden behind the 5.25" drive bays. Speaking of drive bays, my new NEC ND-3550A I have recieved will be covered in a carbon fiber vinyl. The cost for the vinyl is free to me, but around $60 if bought at a graphics shop.




I have also ordered an SLI-DR Expert


The Components


From DangerDen.com -


TDX block

DD D5 pump

Chrome MAZE4 GPU - Both sets of hardware (for 7900GT and 6600GT)

DFI Expert MAZE4

X-Flow Stealth GTS 360 Black Ice - Black

DD Fillport - Black

15 feet of Tygon 1/2" ID tubing

Polypropylene "T"


Fill syringe

12 clamps


From FrozenCPU.com -


3 120mm Papst fans

3 120mm black fan grills

3 rubber fan silencer

Fluid XP+ (32oz UV Blue)

Black Vantec cable sleeving kit

1 3-pin fan extension

2 3-pin fan splitter

10 feet of c-strip

10in single device ATA133 cable (black)

24in SATA cable (black)

50 tie wraps (black)

Dual 12in UV cold cathode

2 cold cathode extension cables



This is my first mod. I know that. Due to this, my dad and an employee at his shop are assisting me through the process. I don't mind doing things myself, but on a $250 case, I'll pass, thanks! :D We have a garage and auto body shop full of all the tools I need. I will take however long it takes to get it done right (and hopefully the first time). How much this will end up costing remains to be seen. I can only spend as much as I make which is ~$600 every two weeks.


Let the modding begin!

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Looking forward to seeing your progress. I love the way my v2000 turned out. It was a lot of work, and like yourself, I used another's design as a source of inspiration and ideas. The bottom line - you'll be doing the work, so it's your mod, nobody elses.


Keep us in the loop.

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The case will be here Friday along with a new DVD burner (NEC ND-3550A... did a bad job painting my current one one). All DangerDen components will be ordered tomorrow night while the stuff from FrozenCPU will have to wait another week for another paycheck. Does anybody have a coupon code for anything better than 20%? I'm guessing no but hey, if it saves some money I might as well ask.

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Good luck man, I'm sure it'll turn out great. :)


Just be sure to measure twice and cut once, not the other way around. :)

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I suggest making a paper template for the radiator, Matching up the holes for fans and or fan grills depending on how you mount it are probably the toughest part. I used tracing paper to mark mine and then transfered the template to the case...


Dont worry if it doesnt line up the first time you start drilling, as long as your in the ball park a file will get you where you want things to be...


Good luck.

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Thermochill PA 120.3!!! I want to see how well those perform as they are supposedly the ultimate radiator.


Also, love the case, I'm considering buying it. Can't decide between that one and the PC-201A.

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