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  1. Hey, Let me explain my problem. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that sometimes when I would reboot my PC, I would go to the Vista login screen, but when I click my name to login, the box would not pop up for me to input my password in. Essentially, I was stuck at the login screen. I noticed that I could fix this problem by giving it the hard reboot, restarting the computer, pulling the plug, turn off PSU for 30 secs, putting plug back in, and starting the PC. However, 2 days ago, this technique wouldn't work. So I decided to load optimized defaults in my BIOS. Still did not work. So I decided to clear the CMOS by resetting the jumpers. However, now, when I boot, it won't even go into BIOS. Of the LED's, 3 are on. On On On OFF [X] [X] [X] [] Here is a little diagram of which LED's are on. I have no idea what to do anymore. I have done a Memtest86+ before resetting the CMOS, and my RAM is good. Thanks. EDIT: I did this with the legit CMOS clear, battery out, and jumpers moved.
  2. Hey, I'm parting out my system to upgrade to a new system. I am selling 2 x512 sticks of OCZ Platinum 2-2-2-5 timing confirmed TCCD RAM. These little puppies overclock extremely well. PM me for more details. No pictures. Price: $80.
  3. I just upgraded to Vista and it runs fabulously. However, I really would like to get 2 gigs of Ram. What 2x1gb sticks do you guys recommend? Any sticks that are just standout? Bring on the recommendations. Any and all... Also, I know its possible to get 2x1gb + 2x512mb to get 3 gigs of RAM. But performance wise... is it smart?
  4. Hey, I had a perfect RAID recognize on my XP Install system. Although Vista sees my 2 hard drives and I enabled SATA NF4 Raid in my BIOS and even loaded the modded drives. Vista refuses to recognize it as 1 drive. I have tried moving my drives onto the Silicon Image RAID controller, but when I do that, Vista won't even see my ard drives at all. I enabled the controller from my BIOS. Any help appreciated. Not sure if I put this in the right section. Any help appreciated. Please Help! EDIT: I am using Vista x86 not the x64 version.
  5. I dunno what to say except for s*** happens. My friend also ruined his 165 due to IHS removal. Then again, he had a pretty crappy stepping (CCBWE 0551) so it only gave him an excuse to buy another 165 .
  6. I'm done with my first semester at GT. It was really busy. Man, I haven't been on these forums in a long time. Going to get back to the street during my break!
  7. Where can I find a site where I can still pick Opty 165 Steppings. I checked TankGuys and Flickerdown. Both won't let you pick steppings. I don't really want to go to ebay except as a last resort. Anyone know of somewhere good? What kind of steppings are Newegg giving out these days?
  8. Instead of buying a kit, why not go with your own water system?
  9. Screw you all! The Atlanta Thrashers!... *silence* Okay, that might be too much of a stretch. I won't go that far.
  10. My favorite CD right now, Rediscover's "Call Me When You Get This" and Alesana's "On the Frail Wings of Vanity". Rediscover imitates the style of Hellogoodbye and Okay Go! while Alesana is much more hardcore.
  11. My floormate in my dorm recently got all his parts together for his new build. The processor he picked out is a Conroe E6600. He wants me to OC it for him but I told him I would have to do some research first. Now, rather than Google a site that may not be very good. Does anyone here on the Street have links or personal experience to OC'ing one of these babies? He is using an ASUS mobo and 2 gigs of RAM. Exact specifications are not known but I wil ask him when I get back to school Sunday afternoon.
  12. I know the world's most demanding sport. You guys would be hard pressed to top this. Ultra-Marathons! Specifically, the Self-Transcendence Ultra Marathon. How manly is this race? Lol.
  13. I just went to the Newegg website and it was the old interface. I have to say, looking at the old and the new, I don't mind that change as much. Either one would be fine with me. But what they should definitely change, are their RAM classifications. It is such a hassle to browse through their classifications. I was looking for Refurbished RAM, and I had to manually browse through each category to look for a good deal. The old way was much easier when everything was clumped together with the exception of Laptop and Desktop memory.
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