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3D mark 05 and 06 are not working :-(

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Hi there


I finally put together my system. I have cold boot problem (shuts down after 2 seconds, have to switch off) and some other problems like when my 2 monitors go power off after standby only one comes back and not the second :-( Stays black. Don't know why. Also some other problems but not stability problems...


The wierd thig is I can not run any 3D Mark :-( The error is IDirect3DDevice9: Present failed: Driver Internal Error... Something wrong with direct 3D but what I have the latest DirectX from April.


Prime running stable, also memtest, idn't OC because I don't have my OCZ rams yet today.





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sorry - quick off topic question.


Pyro- Did you volt mod your GPU?


And it does sound like a PS problem - do you have a more powerful one to check with? Can you disconnect some of those HD's and see if that helps?

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