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  1. I used it at 1.6v at 2640mhz for about 6 months before upgrading to an X2 3800 (see sig). Now it sits on my desk doing nothing - I'll probably upgrade my wife's PC soon. I'm waiting for a new TEC/Waterblock to arrive first.
  2. I had the same problem on a 3500 venice. 2640 was the absolute limit - until I took off the IHS and my temps went down enough for me to bump up the voltage slightly. Then it would do 2750 stable :-) As long as load temps are below 50C you should be able to add a little voltage. If I remember correctly 1.69-1.72v was my stable point at 46C load,water cooled. (think of this aside as a full legal disclaimer full of fine print about how anything you do to blow up your cpu is up to you :-)
  3. Couple/few of possiblities: 1. PSU 2. Ram Voltage? 3. CPU volts/Temps?
  4. sorry - quick off topic question. Pyro- Did you volt mod your GPU? And it does sound like a PS problem - do you have a more powerful one to check with? Can you disconnect some of those HD's and see if that helps?
  5. I've got an 80mm fan installed to blow directly over the mosfets and the area around the PWMIC sensor - yes it a little noisier but the air-flow is more easily and accurately aimed. 33c idle 45c dual prime.
  6. He's right about the heat..... Try to keep load temps below 50C.
  7. Then no problem - wipe it off with a soft tissue. Iso-Alcohol can be used if necessary but make sure everything is properly dry before re-inserting the cpu. Is the water block making good contact with the top of the chip? I had to adjust the washers/standoffs on mine to ensure good contact when I took off my IHS.
  8. Do you mean thermal paste between the pins on the bottom side of the cpu?
  9. Thanks Loc.O - That was along the lines of what I was hoping to hear. At least there seems to be some flexibility so even if I eventually run into some problems at least there may be some ways around them to get what I'm looking for ...more speed !
  10. Anybody know if the Toledo/Manchester chips are affected by the bug?
  11. I've been thinking of getting into Phase Change cooling and I want to make sure I'm not going to be wasting my time. I keep hearing about something called the 'Cold Bug'. I think I've seen a couple of people refer to it and Opterons but I've never really seen/heard any details. Could someone please enlighten me? P.S. See Sig for current rig details.
  12. When I first looked into OC'ing X2's one of the reviews/guides I read (don't remember which one unfortunately) commented specifically on that phenomena. They noted that the X2's were great at stock or just a smidgen above for an easy 5-10% bump but that the faster you pushed them the bigger the voltage bumps required. Thats what happened with me and it looks like you are seeing the same thing.
  13. I agree with you about it not being a heat issue (but check your PWM IC temps - I fail prime when they go above 48c so I rigged a fan for constant active cooling) but the temps do show that you have got some wiggle room on the voltage side. You should be safe* as long as you can keep the temps under 50c. * Blah Blah legal disclaimer about losing warranty and blowing up your PC whenever you overvolt by even 0.00001v :nod:
  14. The real key here is your temps - my X2 3800 really flies but only when I put on the juice - See my sig. I keep my LDT voltage at 1.3 and chipset at 1.6 - both of which are 0.1v over standard - Just to make sure , LDT at 1.4 helps with the OC but plays hell with my PWM temps - even actively cooled. You can easily up the Vcore as high as 1.65 IF you can keep it cool. I run 1.375 * 123% 24/7 but my temps never go over 48c even double priming. So the question still is - what temps are you running?
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