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  1. That's crazy, a 24 hour CMOS clear, and a RMA everytime you flash? What is wrong with these boards?
  2. Try dxdiag as well. start -> run -> dixdiag and run the diagnostics. Check for any errors.
  3. I get it; you mean 28A on one physical line. Right.. One PSU comes to mind. FSP. Best value for money.
  4. If it's artifacting during POST, it's most propably a dodgy card. I think you're money is on the right horse.
  5. I take your Windows XP has SP2 and the hot fixes slipstreamed?
  6. The problem is, not every one suffers from this issue. So, it's not on people's minds. It sucks, but the problem is vendor related as more and more Beta is considered stable, "products" being sold without IEEE strict "tick", the whole industry is selling pizza.. I miss the days of X.25 and 802 strong presence; every product had to be searched and searched, standarised before it was spoken; now, it's a car racing game with L drivers, but hey, they're making their money.
  7. I suggest you don't use the PSU fan controller, they make the fans run way too weak. I personally would say yes, you can use two splitters cause i'm using two at the moment with no issues at all. For you fans, I suggest a fan controller, you can still run that of the same rail. it'll work much better. I have 5 120MM off the controller and they're running quite effectively.
  8. The dual circuits is internal, it's not physical cords. They had to do this to keep up with strict ATX standards. There are some power supplies out there that have up to 4 12V circuits. That's why I mentioned you have up to 36A which is the maximum from the "Dual" circuits. If you're not planning on adding any more devices, and you're keen to get it going, i suggest you just install it. I know it will run quite stable. This will change later in the future if you run SLI, add more stuff etc.. I looked everywhere for SATA to Molex converters; unfortunately, there was none. Maybe later on you can change them yourself to Molex. I think it's quite easy job and the parts are everywhere. RMAing is always an option. But remember, the 36A is always available, and it's not related to two physical molex cords.
  9. I have the same power supply, but the EPS12V version that has two cords for molex pluggs. Look, I'm running 2 DVD Roms, 2 HDD, 1 Fan Controller, 1 Cathode lights, 1 floppy all of the one rail using Y splitters. As for fans, I'm running 6 120MM fans with the fan controller and 2 off the MOBO. The power supply has plenty of grunt with 36A maximum. That's quite good. My suggestion would be to invest in 2 -3 good quality Y splitters, I reckon that's less than $5, and go for it. My SATA connections are useless as well and are all tucked away. PS> Smartguardian and Speed fan all showing stable power. The real test is time, and the computer hasn't crashed at all for weeks. I have ran the damn thing for days at a time with no issues.
  10. I do agree the cooler the better. However, I have had my drives running at 40C all the time and they're in perfect health and performing optimally. Had the same two drives for 3 years, I just keep moving'm from one case to the other. In my case, 40C is quite alright.
  11. I read somewhere here about OCZ and DFI boards issues. Do a search; I think Angry_Games is aware of some modding or something?
  12. That's true as well. The power requirement issue is only related to running FX-60 and dual 512MB cards. I for one, just like jEnuS, run slower cards, but the rigs still crash. This , I'm afraid, is related to something else, not power. Since I moved to a single 256MB GTX, I haven't had any crashes. Seeing jEnuS reply, I don't see myself buying a second card for a while.
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