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  1. Thanx, but the card was bad. I have changed RMA it and now everything OK.
  2. Hi there I just bought Radeon 1950 Pro graphics card and it is not working ok... When I run any benchmark as soon as heat goes up (or not, I am not sure, just the vent start making more noise) after some time the picture dissapears on both monitors I have and the hd light is blinking. It does not seem as the computer is frozen, but I can not do anything just reset :-( Is it 100% that the 1950 Pro is broken or can there be a settings problem with the motherboard? Anybody heard or had such problems? I tried 3D mark 2005, 3D mark 2006 and Video Card stability test... None come through without this computer lock up. Yours Jerry
  3. Hm, I do not OC and I have 55 Degrees C chipset fan. Thazt's wierd. How high can I go withouth falling over?
  4. When I got my new RAM OCZ 2-3-2-5 the problem stopped.
  5. Hi there I finally put together my system. I have cold boot problem (shuts down after 2 seconds, have to switch off) and some other problems like when my 2 monitors go power off after standby only one comes back and not the second :-( Stays black. Don't know why. Also some other problems but not stability problems... The wierd thig is I can not run any 3D Mark :-( The error is IDirect3DDevice9: Present failed: Driver Internal Error... Something wrong with direct 3D but what I have the latest DirectX from April. Prime running stable, also memtest, idn't OC because I don't have my OCZ rams yet today. Yours Jerry
  6. Did anybody find a solution for the standby problem? I am having the exact same problem myself. But I have NF4 SLI-Expert board. Can anybody use the standby feature?
  7. Weel, when I boot from shut down my computer turns on for 3 sec and then stops. I have to power off by button on the PSU and then it works. I read here is a thread of 19 pages. Seems I am also affected :-(((
  8. Well, I don't have yet the OCZ... It is on the way in the post, I still have the VS512 Corsair ... I am crazy :-( It didn't boot because I connected the CD ROM without power in it :-((( Anyway, now it boots and I set memory immediately to 2T. The board did however shut down for no apparent reason immediately after I switched on the power. Could this be PSU? My PSU has 2 +12V lines says on it. First one has 15A, second one 16A. I would say that has to be enough. Which FAN connector apart from the CPU fan has the ability to be conntrolled RPM? Is it number 2? Also the temperature guardian in windows is a little wierd. I can not be running 28 celsius for 3000+ CPU? I have to be mad. I didn't want to reinstall my Via A8V Deluxe system and I upgraded my system. Call me mad, I was very unstable at first, but I removed the VIA drivers and installed the NForce ones and so far seems OK... That's for now. I will OC when I get the OCZ ram... Did you mean OCZ would only OC to 225 Mhz? That can not be true if I use higher latency it should go to 260. At least I read it on this forum. Yours Jerry Jerry
  9. Hi there again Today I started and assembled my main computer. I used only motherboard, radeon X1600Pro gfx card and tried 1 DIMM of Corsair VS512, PQI 256Mb and some other RAM. None if which is low latency. But I think I should come to BIOS anyway... Well, I don't come to BIOS :-( The diagnostic led goes from 4 lights to 3 lights and then to 2 lights and then stops, nothing on screen. Tried clearing CMOS no help... When I remove RAM I hear 3 beeps and stay at 3 lights. So I guess 2 lights mean that the GFX card is not working or??? Any help would be very appreciated. I did connect 24 pin to 24 pin, 8 poin power to 8 pin and 12V pin to the slot that is above PCI-e 16x... Can my board be defective or is there something else? Jerry
  10. The PSU is this one, but here is the 450W one I have 460W. http://www.chieftec.com/products/psu/atx_psu.htm
  11. Ah, I see. How many Watts should a good PSU have on 12V? I will look at the spec yesterday, but I have bought it 1 month ago and it was quite expensive, almost 100$ (but in Europe of course)... Jerry
  12. Thank you for the info about PSU. I didn't find it, no... I got this OCZ quite cheap (but here in EU we have much higher RAM prices)... I got it used for 220 US$ with postage which is quite good here. New one is about 320 US$. Tommorow I assemble my machine and we will see if Corsair VS512 can hold up till I get the new one :-)
  13. Hehe, I didn't say I won't try to play with OC, I said it isn't my primary goal. First I make it stable an when I get new RAM I make it stable and I want to push it further :-) But no water cooling etc... I think my PSU has 20W on 12V line (and the sticker says minimum 17)... Well, I'll try it if it works, it worked on other boards. I was worried because of the RAM because I read that on bad ram it even doesn't boot.
  14. Ok guys I don't give up... I ordered 2 1Gb DIMMS named OCZ DDR400 Platinum with 2-3-2-5 timings. I think after reading this forum this RAM is ok. My PSU is not 420Watt but 460 Watt Chiefted. I hope it will work... I will get the ram in a week (got it on Ebay), since then I will use my 2 x 512Mb Corsair VS RAM. Andybody can tell me what memory settings I let go to be able to use it till my new RAM comes? I thought 2T and 3-4-4-8 will have to do. Yours Jerry PS - I really didn't like Asus when I saw it. The board is heavier than my mom, consumes too much power and really didn't like my current board A8V deluxe (they don't fix the BIOS for the raid) so... I am yours now :-)
  15. Well, I use Athlon's since I left Celerons about 5 years ago. I've had Socket A, socket 775 and now a year of 939. I find Athlons very stable for business use. I had a BSOF only when I mess something with the drivers :-) Abit and MSI seem to lag behind in specifications, I need a lot of SATA and Firewire slots. This coupled with the best quality components brought me to the DFI Call me an optimist, but I think orsair VS512 x 2 RAM's will work and the 420 PSU will work also. I've never seen a MB needing 550 Watts or more for non gaming use. Maybe I'll regret it. You have warned me.
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