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  1. cypress hill, gangstarr, snoop, gravediggaz, and some rare hip hop classics - check out 2live crew and funkdoobiest.
  2. some people and too much time - oh hows that saying go.....
  3. so Spacehead - are you any further on with this overclock. have you got it stable past 2.4 yet?
  4. many of us have fans blowing over our MB an chipset areas an also directly on our ram. you cant really move too mcuh air around your case so just arrange your fans how you are going to get best cooling for your parts
  5. sorry what did you say you ran on your HD before it started stuttering?
  6. today - some hard dance. tmrw - maybe some deftones and soulfly. but maybe more hard dance
  7. could be PSU related - how new is the power supply? or could be memory - can you run memtest, if not from BIOS from floppy? have you tried an 8hr CMOS clear w/ no battery
  8. yes files and settings transfer wizard and sysprep are what you need. you can use the exact hardrive you have now. do a search coz theres a few threads been up about a full HD transfer.
  9. looks good. but i find myself squinting sometimes. but you said you were changing the themes so i guess that will be resolved. how big are the sigs now tho. jeez its like an art forum. hey can we get some new/more smileys. we need a *hugs* one for a start, just for you H_G. and an evil one for the rest of us little satans. overall, im all for progress.
  10. if thats a serious question i think you need to read the stickies on overclocking bfore you break something
  11. have you enabled the 7.1 spkrs in the nvmixer? open nvmixer an check all settings to make sure you have all you spks enabled
  12. i would say check out the company your not with already an see how stable or in growth they are. you dont want to move an find theyre gonna be layin ppl off in a month! also, dont worry about lettin a company down by sayin your leaving for a better postion. every manager in the world understands that and wont hold it against you.
  13. i thought tryin to push the extra bandwidth was bad tho? under was fine coz you never use it all anyway but over was bad? cant remember why but someone explained somewhere on here. if your system is over (like you say CPDMF) but you dont do any heavy processor computing you get away with it. prolly talkin out my butt. hopefully someone can explain it.
  14. 3x. your total should be no more than 1000. its better to be like 2 or 300 under than 10 over.
  15. you need a signature coz it says in the rules and how can we troubleshoot your rig if we dont know whats in it?
  16. put EVERYTHING at stock. as if you had just got them out of the box
  17. dude i only get annoyed when people are too stubborn to listen to new ideas, i will never be annoyed by somebody gettin somethin wrong or makin a mistake thats just human. but you know what you have to do now dude dont you. 8 hours prime at stock. you know it makes sense
  18. ive just tried gettin a decent sktA board here too with no results. nobody has em anynore cept ebay. an theres are a rip off now. you might as well upgrade the mobo an CPU at the same time. or like kitfit says get one from the states.
  19. whats day to day life like there. do you have military on the streets all the time?
  20. dude you are missing my point. read it again. you are sayin just coz some other people have posted good clocks that you MUST get the same. its not how it works. what about all the people who didnt get great clocks? they probably didnt post up anything. your not gonna come onto OCin forums an see posts about 2.7GHz Venices then start raving about your 2.45GHz are you? i knocked my pals 3200+ up to [email protected] on a NF3 S939. it was easy but i was using an OCZ modstream 450 and 2GBs of OCZ Gold PC4000. an as for reviews - that doesnt guarantee compatability. Corsair get the best memory reviews in the world but more overclockers use OCZ or Muskin or Gskill than use Corsair in there rigs.
  21. if its all the same with you matey, ill be giving Israel a miss. period. theres enough trouble over there anyway without the weather
  22. right - no offence but i think you are expecting a bit much. there are no - repeat - no guarantees in overclocking. the chips are not specified to do above there rated speed so there is nothing to suggest they will or wont go beyond that speed - its just pure luck. my opty absolutely will not go above 2.92ghz on air. but some peoples 144's will do 3.1 on air. so im not gonna sit here a week trying stupid things like 1.8v to try an get an extra 100mhz nor am i gonna spend 100's on phase. its highly likely that your chips may not be able to go way up into the 2.9 region and be prime stable. i think personally, there is something in your setup that is holding you back, maybe your rails arent stable or your PSU just isnt strong enough (a high probability since 480w is recommended) 0r perhaps your RAM is not as good as it needs to be. look at some of the entries in the OCDB an see what other people are using with that CPU and board combo. that may give some indication as to what you need to help your OC. GL Paul
  23. ffs dude. stay away from sharp objects... and me lol
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