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  1. the only way to tell is to test it when you say leave the rest at defaults, do you mean the cpu voltage etc? i'm guessing that the chipset voltages etc should be fine at defaults until you start getting up to higher fsb's (i didn't do a lot of clocking with the cfx board, basically chucked it to one side after the ULI fiasco, i'm sick of unfinished boards) i don't have a set of uccc memory, so i can't really advise there, sorry. but generally they should take from 2.6-2.8v
  2. dude, nobody can tell you if your cpu can run at those settings but you personally i wouldn't be giving my memory 3.8v tho i run my 4400 at 250x11 for 2750mhz with 1.40v+12%
  3. a few different versions: http://www.overclock247.com/pyr0/Intel%20SLi/
  4. hmmm... i'd try a fresh install with the vista drivers rather than replacing or updating i've had a cfx3200 sitting here for a couple o months now and just for kicks (boredom) decided to try it out the other day, stripped down my dfi venus and switched boards as soon as windows was installed i began to notice these stupid freezes :confused: i tried installing windows with the 425 bios and the 728 and also tried various versions of the m5288 drivers at the f6 prompt absolutely nothing helped at all :sad: watching films/videos is the worst there's no way i can use this board as part of my main rig in it's current state :mad: needless to say, i've switched back to the venus i might try out those vista drivers sometime, but after wasting my time installing the cfx3200 i'll be buying a couple of spare drives for testing first to save wiping my main install again the board seems ok, stable and such, but the drive controller mess is just taking the p**s
  5. i wish i'd had a better experience with the copperhead i couldn't stand the shape of it (too small and narrow for my hands) and after using it for a month and getting cramps in my hand, it's just a spare mouse i use when fixing other peoples rigs now
  6. i had a tagan 580w easycon for almost a year without problems on a DFI SLI-D, and a DFI Venus i've recently upgraded to the tagan 900w turbojet and it's been great so far
  7. this site's not bad http://www.jab-tech.com/Evercool-VC-RE-Twi...er-pr-2291.html
  8. http://www.jab-tech.com/Evercool-VC-RE-Twi...er-pr-2291.html
  9. such a shame the shop (or rather the staff and customer service) totally sucks hoping to get a dfi infinity 975 myself, but it won't be from there, lol
  10. a lot of people seem to reccomend using arctic ceramique instead of AS5 on GFX cards, ceramique is safer because it's non conductive, and non capacitive i have personally used AS5 on the gfx core without a problem, but never needed to on the memory
  11. nope, the other one [edit] thanks Lane, although i think the option may not be available in x64 *shrug*
  12. steelballzz, where did you get the little memory app with the skew control?
  13. i use a G7 mouse and found the setpoint 2.60 software installed just fine in vista x64
  14. is this what you're looking for? http://www.yoyotech.co.uk/scripts/prodView...?idProduct=2518
  15. i had a set of these 2-2-2-5- sticks..... they've been sent back i spent a few days trying to get 2-2-2-5 stable without any success they use a new BGA chip, apparently from infineon. although i read that even when they work they aren't great overclockers anyway, barely reaching 240-250mhz with lowered timings
  16. i've had my XFX 7900GT overvolted since the day i bought it, well over a month ago, really easy to do and quite a performance jump :nod: i've had it running at 708/1820 with 1.55V, but i'm running it wih 1.4V at 670/1770 for 24/7 use tho :cool:
  17. hehe, count yourself lucky my ocz platinum eb refuses to work at anything above 259MHz, even 1mhz higher causes the monitor to start clicking off and on when i get into windows no matter what voltages, latencies, drive strengths etc. are used the system components have all been swapped and different power supplies, cpus, gfx cards and motherboards tried, but it seems it's a "quirk" of my kit
  18. the biggest difference is that tccd doesn't have the density to be made into a 1gb stick tccd will run at 200mhz 2-2-2-5 and good sticks will do 300mhz 2.5-3-3-7 or 2.5-4-4-7 uccc should do 200mhz 2.5-3-3-6 and if you're extremely lucky 300mhz 3.0-4-4-8
  19. the only time i've seen that message was when i forgot to plug in the pci-e power lead to my gfx card, so i would take a guess at a lack of power too
  20. just checked it, and mine works perfectly w00t!
  21. nah, not all, but certainly a lot day187 has a working cable i haven't checked mine yet
  22. are you using the floppy cable that came with the board? if so, try swapping the cable, a number of venus boards were sold with bad floppy cables
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