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What music are you listening to right now?

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Jimi Hendrix---In the West

His last live performance the nite he died. Its a nice chunk of music in that it gives a much better perspective as to what Jimi was all about. Much better than the toned down studio recordings that stifled his talent. U know.. all that garbage they play over and over on KLOS hah.

Jimi and his crew played mostly rock/blues and he also did Born Under a Bad Sign without singing. This was the nite Eric Clapton has wanted to give Jimi a new Fender Strato Caster but he was never able to do so since Jimi died choking on his vomit, unable to breath. The version of Red House done this nite was considered one of the best renditions he ever did. Singing was a little spotty in some songs but the Guitar was great through out. Judging from his dialog with the audience, I would imagine he was pretty stoned during the concert.

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