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  1. No - it's made by either CWT or Sea Sonic, & branded by Corsair.
  2. You bring up some good points to look out for (correct tube / fitting sizes, etc.), but someone who is a hardware junkie is not going to be satisfied with a 'plug & play' system like the Corsairs'. He also is looking to cool the GPU(s) & chipset, which the Corsairs' don't cater for. OP - do your homework, check out the water cooling sticky thread here, & when you have narrowed your choices, post again to confirm prior to purchasing.
  3. That's definitely a "dream machine", but 10 months is a long time.... Better to save up your $$ for a while rather than buying it bit buy bit. By then, the ATI 6 series will be out, Sandy Bridge.... who knows what else.
  4. Hi, If that PSU is anything like its bigger brother, I wouldn't risk it.
  5. That line of PSU's has had good reviews - a 700w version should be fine for a Crossfire setup. It would help if you gave your location or a link to the store/s you are buying from - kind of hard for people to make a recommendation if they are not presented with a choice
  6. That Motherboard requires DDR3. I'm not sure what choices you have, but there are much better CPU coolers than the V8. Otherwise, it will be a nice machine.
  7. Just to clear things up here, you can only fit a socket 775 CPU into that motherboard, like Wevs suggested;
  8. Is there any scope for associating a mandatory text entry in conjunction with the vote? Ie; Give a quick reason as to why you gave +/- rep?
  9. Sorry - I thought you had the BE chip. You should still be able to keep the RAM around it's rated frequency by using the divider when OC'ing, up to a certain extent. Not sure about the HDD activity - coincidence being a fresh OS installation maybe?
  10. I'd invest in two things; * Better quality PSU. * Aftermarket CPU cooler. Your CPU multiplier is unlocked, so you can overclock without affecting the RAM frequency by increasing the CPU multiplier. I'm not quite sure what your intended use of the PC is - you want to get the best performance out of the CPU, but you have a relatively small amount of RAM, & don't mention a dedicated GPU. What is your goal?
  11. ....stick to what you're best at (trolling ) The CPU Z shot is showing the processor in it's idle state. asher_pa - start load testing your CPU to test for stability, & you will notice both the frequency & voltage increase when load is applied. Power-saving features in the BIOS reduce the speed & voltage when there is no need for it. These can be switched off, as sometimes they can be a hindrance to overclocking, but the more recent implementations work very well.
  12. Try underclocking it a little to see if the problem goes away. If it's still there, try a different cable. Also, if you have been playing with the OC with various utilities, it might also be worth it to remove & re-install the drivers. Failing all that, try it in a different system to eliminate the PSU.
  13. GPU: XFX Radeon HD 5770 @ 950/1300MHz Lower your OC.
  14. fmc_boss

    FFXIV Benchmark

    E8400 stock, undervolted to 1.125v, all power saving features on / 5770 stock undervolted to 1.1v ; E8400 @ 445*9 / 5770 @ 945/1385 ; Only hooked up to a 720p TV, so couldn't do the high run
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