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  1. Ummm...not to be bugger but this version of the Mac OS is a breach of the EULA and is quite illegal. I don't know if this particular hack is admissible by the forum rules, but I'd thought I'd let you know.
  2. That would be my first guess. Second guess would probably be Master/Slave Issues with the other drives.
  3. Ok, a few questions about your build. What OS are you running? What brand/model is the optical drive? Did you install anything new before the problem started? (There might be something starting services or processes at boot.) Have you tried removing the cdrom from the machine to see if the problem persits?
  4. Depends what you really want to use it for (graphics, coding, test server), but for me fedora is the most straight forward. It (like ubuntu) holds your hand through the entire setup process. Plus it has TONS of developer tools and servers right on the DVD.
  5. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T HAVE THE OLD DRIVE HOOKED UP WHEN YOU RELOAD! It causes alot of headaches...been there done that. After reload... Hook the main (New) Drive up as master, the old one as slave. Set the BIOS to boot from the new drive. copy the files over from the old drive then you can wipe the old drive and make it into a storage drive if you'd like.
  6. You could get a cheapy usb wireless adapter and use net stumbler to get a list of access points that are close to you... Just a thought.
  7. He stated in his first post that he has a Dlink WBR-1310 router
  8. Lightning, A router (stock) does not have that functionality. What you're looking for is a bridge device... a wireless router is actually an access point and wired router in one box. In order to scan like you are asking it would need to be running as a host. Also I don't see much of a reason for having a standard router scanning for access points unless you are trying to leech off an existing broadband connection either to increase the range by using your router as a repeater or blatantly stealing a connection. **For the record I do NOT condone doing so unless the internet connection that you are leeching off belongs to you** That being said why don't you just use an 802.11b/g card in your pc/laptop?
  9. take a look at your xorg.conf file with the logitech plugged directly in and then through the kvm. There should be a section that talks about the mouse see if there are any differences. (xorg.conf is usually in /etc/X11/xorg.conf) If you don't really get how to read the conf file (I wouldn't blame you the xorg file sucks) post it here or PM me and I'll take a look at if for you. This sounds similar to a problem I had with a gyromouse.
  10. AnUnknownSource - If you're putting up a server I'd check out Fedora 8. As far as simplicity and resources go its one of the best server distros I've found. I tried Ubuntu Server for kicks, but it would barely load in my machine and after it did load the whole sudo to do anything kinda got old...FAST. Let me know if you need any help. shattered
  11. Hey everyone, Another refugee. Glad to see the old crew is pretty much sticking together. I'll have to upgrade my sig now (Once I figure out what the **** is wrong with it) either my vid card died, or my infinity decided to start acting up again. Anyways...thanks for taking in all of us riff-raff and I hope we will be able to contribute to this site as much as DIY. -shatteredsteel
  12. @markiemrboo: Nice uptime I've got about 75 days under my linux one right now, but I disconnected it to bump up the ram. I run... Slackware (Servers) Fedora 7&8 with Freevo (Media Center and Server) OpenSuse (Desktop 1) Mandriva (Desktop 2) OSX (A POS that I never use) Windows XP x64 (Laptop) Yeah...I like to dabble in OSs. Glad to see there are some *nix users around here.
  13. Another vote for UBCD, or a BartPE Disk. I use both when doing Diagnostics and I have an Anti-virus/Malware on them. Very useful. EDIT: forgot about Backtrack great for checking for bad sectors or doing file recoveries
  14. Kranky, yes ...yes they do you usually don't see this from asus though I've had to fix a couple of MSI boards that had a problem similar to this. J7227 have you checked the PSU voltages? I know it sounds wierd, but too low of voltage can cause some weird things to happen. And what you're describing sounds like one of the symptoms I've come across doing repairs. Plus it never hurts to check esspecially if *when* you start overclocking.
  15. Don't worry about which GND pin you hook it to, all the grounds on the power supply go to a common rail.
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