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  1. well im running the RAM voltage at 2.2. as far as MCH what should i set it to?
  2. Okay you can see my computer specs, here is the problem i am having. I cannot get my system to POST when i install my forth stick of memory. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820220144 im using an abit ip35 pro board when i have 3 gigs installed the system works flawlessly, which is how its running now. when i put in the forth stick the system just won't post. ive tried clearing the CMOS and everything, it just won't move. weird thing is i tried making sure that neither of the sticks were messed up, i moved the sticks around to different slots and they all work fine. anybody got any ideas?
  3. i love my corsair 620hx. its amazing. and yea once you go modular its hard to go back.
  4. i actually went with the antec neoHE 550 watt. the corsair was my second choice but i found a really good deal for the antec. 89 bucks. cant beat that
  5. okay i didn't think that i would have such a hard time trying to pick out a good PSU but i cannot find what im looking for. i want something that has decent effiiciency and is modular, atleast enough to run two 3850's this is the system im building for my brother. i had to make some changes because of budget constraints but its still good coure 2 duo e4500 dfi icfx3200 2 gigs ocz platinum xtc ddr2 800 visiontek hd3850 eventually want to crossfire these. okay so i wanna keep the PSU under 120 hopefully and get something modular if i can. and hopefulyl sleeved. any suggestions?
  6. okay heres my question. i have the sapphire radeon 2900 pro 512 bit card which, suprise suprise, isnt being made anymore. my question is if i bought the 256 bit version would i be able to crossfire them?
  7. unfortunately ive already ordered it. now i dont plan on running raid cause running raid on the 3200 chipsets is hard as hell. this will bring my use of DFI boards to 3. the sli-dr, the cfx3200 and this. so far i havent really had any problems with DFI. yea they have an insane amount of options on overclocking but on both the 939 boards i only tweaked with the basic settings, memory timings, just the 4 regular ones, memory voltage, cpu freq, voltage, and multiplier, etc. you get what i mean. its a hell of a deal for me to pass it up. your probably right about the p35 board. im using a p35 board and i love it, but the cheapest p35 board that i found from a brand that i like, abit, gigabyte, dfi, etc. i hate asus. anyway, the cheapest one was the ds3p which is what i use and i cant really afford another 160 dollar board, that will put this build over a grand and i still got tuition to pay for :-)
  8. for some reason, i dont know why people have stopped liking DFI boards anymore. well anyway, newegg has the ICFX3200, based on the r600 chipset, for 84.99 on newegg
  9. well the main reason why i got the icfx3200 is because it was 84.99 on newegg. how can i beat a price like that?
  10. GUESS WHO IS [email protected] WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT saturday and sunday. all day long hockey, can't f*cking wait!!!:eek2::eek2::eek2::eek2: angry, i know your jealous, assuming you dont have tickets :-)
  11. im building a new computer for my brother. here are the specs im going with; DFI ICFX3200 Core 2 quad q6600 2 gigs ocz reapers ddr2 800 mushkin 550 watt PSU vistiontek radeon hd3870 tuniq tower 120 its a pretty bad butt build in my opinion. i got the video card with my discount at frys for 210 so im happy about that what do you guys think? and suggestions or is this a decent build.
  12. yes. the 2900 series in general is still awesome. but if i were you i would get the 2900pro instead of the 2900xt. its like 150 dollars less and you can overclock it to the speeds of the 2900xt easily and beyond. i use the sapphire 2900pro and i love it. you just gotta make sure that you have an 8 pin PCI express connector.
  13. i know exactly what you. besides my comp i just dropped 135 bucks on a KWA usp gas blowback pistol. granted it kicks butt but still...
  14. to everyone what is your second hobby? i consider building computers fun, therefore its my hobby. my second hobby of choice is airsoft. what about you??? i know these question threads are annoying but im curious
  15. okay so my motherboard (p35-ds3p) came with a full version of norton internet security. where is the serial key!!!
  16. okay i tried to install ut3 on vista, since i got a partition of vista and xp im comparing performance. the first time i tried to install my installation was interrupted and crashed and since then i havent been able to install or uninstall it when i try to install ithe game it says error 1605 and when i try to uninstal it (because it still shows up under the programs and features as 7.8 gigs even thuogh theres nothing on my comp) it says error 1628 i went through the registry and deleted every registry realted to unrea and i still cant get this . to install. HELP
  17. hey if anyone wants to play me on COD4 my name is archvile700. also check out my myspace and send me a message on what servers you play. im gettin pretty addicted to this game. more so than guitar hero or hellgate london!!!
  18. i feel like RMA'ing my radeon 2900 pro. it still works but id rather have a 3870 and save a little money. also i cant find another 290pro to xfire them. maybe i should just get 2 3850's?
  19. im gonna have to go with a classic on this one. "if it weren't for my horse, i wouldn't have spent that year in college"
  20. myspace.comarchvile700 im the one on the far left. :-P hard to tell i know
  21. actually one thing ive noticed is that pre built computrers are a lot cheaper nowadays than building one. that doesnt mean that they are better, just cost a lot less.
  22. Im bored so im gonna try and start a really long thread :-P mines right in two by tool. second is comfortably numb by pink floyd, david gilmore is a guitar poet...no other words
  23. i gave this 2 stars. the gameplay is not anything special. sounds are weak. none of the guns sound like they do a lot of damage. yea the graphics are amazing but thats not all that makes a game great. look at diablo 2 for example, or starcraft
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