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120mm server fan

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lol.. i have a 120 that moves 125 cfm (49 DBA) and i can barly sleep in the same room with it...fiance . about the noise all the damn time. im getting rdy to replace it with a panflow. it honestly is not worth the noise my friend.

Holy moly I hooked it up without mounting the fan and this thing almost hover's by it self but to much noise.

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I have to disagree with you there. The Thunderblades are 21DBA's. Look at the specs. I have 6 of them on my BIX III and can't hear them at all.


If you want to disagree, please provide hard facts just like I did. Gave you a link to the specs.



Most people belive that the specs that thermaltakes lists and advertises are flase. I belive some one did a test on this a while back. but i am too lazy to search for it at this moment.

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