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  1. Whats the version of the bios on you board because when I first got mine it had the stock bios and the temps read wrong then i flashed to a newer one and temps droped 10c.
  2. With the right ram and cooling what do you guys think i can get this chip up to?
  3. Holy moly I hooked it up without mounting the fan and this thing almost hover's by it self but to much noise.
  4. Well thanx guys took the hole mobo out and it droped my chipset temp's -5 c.
  5. Sorry if this is the wrong section if it is just let me know. But i got this 120 mm 140 cfm severfan 0.8 amp. that I want to use as a intake. Would this stress a psu?:
  6. Thanx for the faq but since I have a stock passive heatsink and being that that one has a fan what about the pad?
  7. Where do I post on cooling ???????
  8. Do I need any kind of thermal pads or just clean the core and put some thermal paste on it and attach the fan? never pulled a heatsink off of a northbridge before.
  9. I currently have this cooler on my 5500 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835110103 which is not any better than stock one. Will it be better than the stock passive heatsink on my chipset?
  10. Is the max v core 1.6 or 1.7 safely for my chip? As long as temps permit.
  11. Should I replace stock passive heat sink with a fan and some as5?
  12. Can some on e point me into the right direction to download the newest bios for my mobo. Current bios is 10/15/04
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