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  1. Dave_Sz

    2nd pcie slot

    yes, otherwise the bottom slot is only pcie x2, not pcie x8...
  2. did you even use motherboard riser?
  3. Dave_Sz

    Which Voltage Reading is Accurate?

    bios CPU voltage is usually spot on with teh ultra d...
  4. ZX value ram, not overclockable? hahahahahahahahaaaaaa
  5. Dave_Sz

    Preparing to Overclock my 3800+ X2

    what stepping? the new chips are kinda OK with OCing, no as good as early 06 steppings...
  6. Dave_Sz

    Dual Core, Different performance

    that laod temp is most likely 55 or higher.............
  7. The 4 power plugs were the last things I checked before closing the case.
  8. I was remodeling my den and the pc was disconnected and moved not to get dirt inside it. While I had it out I cleaned it out with compressed air and modified the side window and rear of the case to fit 120mm fans. The only thing I did during that was removed the fans from the fan controller and unplugged the dvdrw cables to have better access to the fan controller. I fire it up, it runs fine, 30 minutes later, just shuts off, instantly. Press the power button, goes on for a couple seconds and again shuts off. I opened it up cleared cmos, loaded my settings and it has been going fine so far for maybe 20 minutes. I have everything that would turn the pc off cause of too high temps turned off as it never gets anywhere near those temps. So, if it comes back, what could it be? PSU is stable as a rock.
  9. Dave_Sz

    New build, any tips?

    just hope that corsair ram plays well with your mobo.
  10. Dave_Sz

    Mobo dead after 8 months

    all 4 red LEDs means bad cpu, right?
  11. Dave_Sz

    memory help?

    yeah, it's your ram. Memtest doesn't test windows stability.
  12. Dave_Sz


    last I checked, you should still run stability tests with a stcok system. Plus, in more cases than one, when the cmos is cleared and all settings are set to default(read:auto), your system can be unstable.
  13. Dave_Sz

    new build

    I'm not sure if they have them, I'm sure they do, but does your gfx card have a 6pin connector on it that you plug the PSU into? yeah, it's a black connector towards the top right corner of the card.
  14. Dave_Sz

    new computer a little slow

    at this rate, at the end of september, you won't know what a CPU is.
  15. Dave_Sz

    new computer a little slow

    the summer just started a week ago.