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  1. 9/21/2006 I got my rma back every thing works just fine now rma took less than a week there and back too., F**k fedex too these lazy turds never even tried to deliver the guy went home two hrs early every day.
  2. Might want to be carefull using these programs I think I killed my venus useing them.
  3. Yeah i dont think that it is going to come back alive. I have been working at it for a week now. I dont think the board is that much better than the other s939 lanpartys. Maby the layout is better needing only only 24 and one 8pin powercable. The only thing that happens when i try to clear the cmos is that the red lights flash really fast the yellow standby light comes on. For the priced i paid i should get two experts boards if they cant fix it. I have tested all the other parts on another board. So i know that is it the board that is broken.
  4. Well even if i had nothing pluged into the motherboard The red lights should at least come on. Telling me that no cpu/ram/video card was detected. But i have the mobo sitting only on the mobo tray and have tired clearing the cmos and jump starting the psu. I really think that it is RMA time.
  5. well after 24hr cmos clear I can see the four red lights flash breifly and then only the yellow standby light comes on. I belive i was "jumpstarting the psu" But maby I wasnt. This happend after running lmsensors. I think I need to rma it. This never happend befor when i would run lmsensors to enable the temp sensors. Somthing is odd here.
  6. yes I tried that frist.twice now today is day three. Still only the yellow standby light.
  7. Hello I am in need of a little help with my dfi venus motherboard every thing was going perfect no problems then it just crashed two days ago and the only light that will come on is the yellow standby light. I tried the cmos clear a few times. Can't think of any thing else that will help. Should I see if i can RMA it or somthing.Befor it crashed it would prime for hrs the longest i left prime running was two days. It wouldnt get hotter than 45C
  8. I have a hiper i voted in november though and it wasnt on the list.
  9. i just set all my fans at full boar all the time the nf4 chip reads 38-40 it kinda bounces and the cpu bounces from 33-35. I dont know how accurite the dfi sensors are though. I dont know if it is bad running them at full speed all the time but i will do this till i get the lain li blower fan that i order becouse the temps are 3-5C hotter if i dont do that and i belive that is a bit over 30F too much if you ask me. if you havent changed your nf4 cooler yet you should dl the video and change that. I still havent changed mine yet.
  10. make sure that your ide is set to master and in the bios there is a section that you can set to change which drive boots frist. I had to set it to boot from optical drive frist so that it boots the livecds i use. But for some reson when ubuntu is installed i still need to unplug my sata drive to get the cd to boot frist. then plug it back in when the cd has booted befor it "detects hardware" so that it will pick up my sata drive. This might be differant useing windos.
  11. i use that psu on my board and it works fine. But i dont run sli. yet. I have seen that problem twice with my machine. Once when I was enableing lmsensors and did a scan. maby some others can help. I am sure that psu might be underpowerd for sli. as it has no esp. although hiper claims that they are makeing a eps compatible plug for it that shuold be out soon.
  12. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ead.php?t=10854
  13. i coudn't find prime well I thought I did and but couldnt get it to work if you could help me out with that it would be nice. Oh nvm I got prime working it was super pi that I couldnt get to run.
  14. its venus not venice venice is the amd athalon core
  15. `stress' imposes certain types of compute stress on your system Usage: stress [OPTION [ARG]] ... -?, --help show this help statement --version show version statement -v, --verbose be verbose -q, --quiet be quiet -n, --dry-run show what would have been done -t, --timeout N timeout after N seconds --backoff N wait factor of N microseconds before work starts -c, --cpu N spawn N workers spinning on sqrt() -i, --io N spawn N workers spinning on sync() -m, --vm N spawn N workers spinning on malloc()/free() --vm-bytes B malloc B bytes per vm worker (default is 256MB) --vm-hang do not free memory allocated by vm workers -d, --hdd N spawn N workers spinning on write()/unlink() --hdd-bytes B write B bytes per hdd worker (default is 1GB) --hdd-noclean do not unlink files created by hdd workers Example: stress --cpu 8 --io 4 --vm 2 --vm-bytes 128M --timeout 10s Note: Numbers may be suffixed with s,m,h,d,y (time) or B,K,M,G (size). Ok I have been able to get this program to work if I copy and paste the example and change it to read this stress --cpu 8 --io 4 --vm 2 --vm-bytes 128M --timeout 120s. Any one know what I would type to just test the cpu and ram. It takes 120s to get the ram to 100% CPU temp 41C at 1.33 volts. after 15minute run. I have no temp monitor other than the bios so I dont want to push it too far. sorry for such a crapy picture I cant figure out how to get one that is good quality at 100K
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