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  1. i use veritas backup exec or veritas replication exec got it from work
  2. I use Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite. The firewall is awesome in my opinion. There is a trial version on their website
  3. i have one i can give you. just pay for the shipping cost and its yours
  4. those are his rules. back to your regularly scheduled sale
  5. Hello everyone. I have some things for sale FX-55 San Diego: I have used this CPU for less than 5 hours. Its just sitting in my closet collecting dust, so I decided to get rid of it. It comes with original box and HSF. I'm asking for Sold on Ebay GeilOne BH-5: This is for 2x512 sticks. Geil have discontinued this series. I used this one for about 3 weeks. The highest stable OC I got with these were 270. Max Vdimm used was 3.2 with active cooling. I'm hoping that I'll get them for Sold to icon57 DFI-SLI-DR Expert This is brand new and never used. Comes with all accessories. Nothing more to say about this. Asking for 160US Shipping is included. All prices are negotiable Method of payments: Paypal. E-gold Shipping: I will pay for half of the shipping. I use Taiwan Express Post which takes around 3-5 days. For more information, please PM me Thanks for looking guys
  6. i have one if your still looking. pm me
  7. you should also try remounting the heatsink. there is a possibility that the heatsink in not making good contact with the cpu.
  8. No, its easy to understand dude. I just took the first sentence personal. I understand what you are trying to say, though.
  9. why would you say something like that. not all people with FX's are like that. for instance:me. I have spent time and time trying to overclock the hell out of my FX. I spent numerous time over and over again changing setting after setting to get my FX to where it is right now. To say that I don't put the effort into learning how to overclock correctly is just wrong.
  10. If you send some to me, of course, i'll try it. :nod: :nod: :nod:
  11. http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a142/oli...Li/CIMG0956.jpg http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a142/oli...Li/CIMG1055.jpg
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