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Hey there, I just recieved my new LanParty UT Nf4 Ultra-D Motherboard and my new AMD Athelon 64-Bit 3000+ Processor. So I put them all together... Install the CPU, Install my RAM, my Video Card, my Sound Card bla bla bla... So I go to boot the system and all 4 Red LED lights go on suggesting that the motherboard does not recognize my CPU, RAM or anything... Any suggestions on how I would remedy this problem??? Thanks for the help.

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Ok I have pluged in all the power cables and everything seems to light up.


The DRAM Power LED is on

The Standby LED is on

All 4 Diagnostic LED's are on


All 3 fans start up and run when i plug in the unit without pressing the powerbutton on my case. When I press the power button on my case nothing happens. (yes i have checked all the connections there)


EDIT: I have a 20 Pin Powercord and a 24 Pin Reciever on my Board. Would this be the problem? It fits in the 20 to the right hand side leaving 4 pins exposed.

(starting to feel stupid)

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Not saying this the problem but you don't have the minimum power supply required for this board and without stable power well ... Maybe you can borrow a PSU before buying one or do a search for recommended ones here


Do a search on Diagnostic LED to confirm the meaning of 4 lights on


You also don't mention if you can get into the bios


Also keep in mind when people ask you to update your sig or provide information it is so that we can help you or at least try and help you. Imagine reading a post that says


"I put my system together and I can't boot to the BIOS. " Could you actually help them?


Good Luck and let us know how things go.

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