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  1. I can't say enough good things about disk imaging software. I don't use Ghost anymore, have switched to True Image by Acronis, but both are great. There's just nothing like being just 10 minutes away from being able to cleanly reimage your disk with an image that is set up with all the software you want, just the way you like it. If they charged 3 times as much for it as they do, I'd still buy it.
  2. Whatever you do, don't hang onto that giant azz case of yours if the storm surge comes in.
  3. Yeah it will be. By save yourself some dough I meant save some for yourself by buying the cheaper 3000+.
  4. Holy crap OceanSeas. You could rent out space in that thing.
  5. LOL....I think I dated her too. A few times.
  6. Nope I mean the 3000+. Full on 50% OCs with nothin but cheap air solutions is commonplace even for first timers with these.
  7. Best advice I can give you is to read every single post on this forum. Go back through the pages and read every single one. Don't skip any at all. You do that and I bet you won't have any trouble at all. Oh and I'd skip the 3800+. Save yourself some dough and get a 3000+. These babies OC, and run like a dream.
  8. Think I was like 12 or 13. Christina, the neighbor girl. It was just kid stuff though. I didn't "get some" until I was 17. Her name was Melanie something or other. 15 aint wierd at all little bro' Don't sweat it. The vast majority of your pals are all lying about it.
  9. Too many people buy this board that have no idea what they are doing, and have egos that are way to inflated to let them realize it. So when they can't get it running in the first 20 minutes they immediately blame the board and send it back. The whole notion of "they tested it...." bothers me. I'd rather be the one testing it, and have 'them' keep their hands off of it.
  10. Because it is a viable possibility. That doesn't mean that it is definately the problem, just a possibility. Why not eliminate all possibilities that you can before going through the whole RMA rigamorole? Yes I mean a fresh format/reinstall if you are not using any kind of disk imaging software. You purchased what is advertised by Corsair as a matched pair of dual channel RAM that should run at 2.5, 3, 3, 6 and it is not doing that. Technically you have grounds for an RMA. I know that's a PITA but it may be what you need to do. That's why I asked if you had bought it over on Mem drive because that would be much easier to just go exchange it. I had to do that twice with this stuff before I got a pair that worked. The first pair one stick would fail memtest every time no matter what I tried. Then the second pair would pass memtest for hours but would refuse to boot into windows no matter what I tried, dual channel, single channel, one stick at a time, all different slots, nothing made a difference. The third pair worked. Even though it worked it will not OC at all.
  11. Here's the deal. I have been a software QA engineer for the past 6 years or so. I just recently (like this week recently) accepted a position within my company as a SQL Server DBA. Now as far as relational databases go I am completely comfortable so that is no big deal, but when it comes to hardware configs there are some areas that I need badly to come up to speed on. RAID being the biggest. I know that a lot of you guys here get all hot and bothered when you hear terms like RAID level x, and stripes and what not, but I can't really make heads or tails of all that. So I need some help. I know what links to read around here, but are there any others that any of you might recommend that I read to help me get up to speed on this?
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