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  1. A beast to say the least. I know 3dmark isn't the a perfect predictor of in-game performance, but my scores in 3dmark03 and 3dmark05 (never did run 06 with the old card) were almost exactly double from the x850 XT. Gonna start overclocking my cpu and ram a bit after I get myself a new CPU cooler and see what kinda numbers I throw up. Should be fun.
  2. Got the new vid card installed and everything is running perfectly now. If anyone is on the fence about the new 8800 GTS 320MB you may as well get off, cause it's a fantastic card. Anyone running at 1600x1200 or less will see basically no drop from the 640MB version in todays games, and if you pick up one of the overclocked versions you can actually expect better performance from the 320MB version. Given that it costs $75 or $100 less than the stock 640 MB version it's pretty much a no brainer. Thanks for the help Sharp.
  3. Swapped it over to the other slot and had the same results, so I pulled out the card completely and got the same results again. So...think we've got it pegged as a video card problem. I'll report back when I have the new card installed and let you know if it solved the problem. If it doesn't work, I guess I'd be able to safely assume that I fried my motherboard...here's hoping it works with the new card.
  4. I'll give it a try tonight when I get off work, but I came to the same conclusion. The only nice part is I was able use this to convince my wife that I needed a new video card. Got the superclocked EVGA 8800 GTS in the mail, and assuming I dont miss the UPS guy friday I'm gonna throw it in and see if it'll work. I'll come back and update you tonight on if switching slots works out (and if it does I'm gonna tell my wife it didn't lol).
  5. Had my system up and running for about 2 years now, and everything has been perfect save for 1 fried PSU which got replaced about 2 months ago with the one in my sig. About 2 weeks ago I hit the power and it wouldn't boot. It just hung at 1 diagnostic led lit and gave me one long beep followed by 3 short ones. Figured I'd try the simple fix and just set the safe boot jumper to 2-3, then back to 1-2 and tried booting again. Everything booted again no problems. Was playing WoW today and my monitor suddenly went into standby mode as if the power had been shut off. Shut the computer down and rebooted only to have the same problem I was having before come up again. 1 diagnostic led lit and a long beep followed by 3 short beeps. Only problem is this time the safe boot didn't work. Cant get it to boot for the life of me. Tried a CMOS clear as per exRoadies' instructions just to see if that work work, and no luck. I spend a decent amount of time researching to build this beast a couple years ago, but not having any issues with it I've grown a little rusty. What's confusing me is that 1 led lit means that the video card has been detected, but 1 long beep followed by 3 short ones means that there's a problem with the video card. I don't have an extra video card laying around to test in the system, so my only option outside of taking it in for some help somewhere is gone. Anyone have any ideas, cause I'm clueless. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  6. You might be in over your head here...but if you need more info try searching some more. The answer to your question is on this site, you're just going to have to find it. If you need some help with your search there's a sticky on searching that you should find helpful.
  7. Stick with the 4x512 if it's working for you. You're performance increase by switching from 2T to 1T is negligible, so I can't see spending the money...
  8. I'd say the best choice for gaming would be a 4000+ San Diego. Another good choice would be the X2 4200+ Manchester, but unless you really want to spend $400 go for the San Diego.
  9. You shouldn't have to worry about it...most people dont realize that raptor are just ide drives with an ide to sata adapter stuck to the back. Mine was detected and installed perfectly with no tweaking of the install disk.
  10. 1.5, 2, or 3...you won't see a real difference in system performance with any of them. The speed the ram is running at is what makes the most difference, not the timings. Anyway, if you're looking to improve your system gaming performance, you need to be looking at upgrading you video card or processor instead of your ram.
  11. I'd suggest reading the forum rules over here and getting your sig up or you wont see too much help.
  12. That's why you rule out all other problems before you rma...rmaing a good board because you have bad components or settings ends up costing everyone more money.
  13. Honestly, you should be fine with that psu...if you continue to have problems, you'll probably want to switch because you wont receive a whole lot of help around here from the mods if you don't meet the minimum specs. If you do have to get a new power supply, just make sure you get one with a single 120mm fan...that will be as silent as you need. I can't hear my modstream unless I stick my ear where it exhausts.
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