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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss Lo. Hopefully he gets a stiff punishment, though it doesn't replace life. If you refuse it in MA, it is an automatic 180 day loss of license. "A driver may still refuse to take the breathalyzer, but it may not be the best option because this refusal automatically results in a driver's license suspension for 180 days for a first offense and can extend to life depending on the previous drivng history of the offender. Under the new law (Melanies' Law) all operators are deemed to have consented to a breath test as a condition of driving in Massachusetts. New Law provides the following terms of License Loss for refusing the test: First Offense: Automatic 180 Day Suspension Second Offense (or an offender who is under 21): 3 Years License Loss Third Offense: 5 Years Fourth Offense: 10 Years Fifth Offense: Life Prior Offenses are subject to a lifetime look back provision and including any prior OUI or drunk driving history."
  2. In Soviet Union, puck shoots you. I'm in AG, if you didn't scrap it. I need some revenge on you pansies for keeping me in 4th place last year. It was nice to at least beat Momma though, lol. Not much interest this year it seems. Favorite team is the Bruins. Have tickets to 12 home games so far, and will probably end up at at least a couple more. Steve, most of my family hailed from Ukraine too. Do you have a "chuk" last name too? lol. Scot
  3. Evel Knievel has passed away at age 69. http://www6.comcast.net/news/articles/nati.../?cvqh=itn_evel Rest in peace you madman.
  4. Well I'm an axegrinder Piledriver Mother says that I never never mind her Got no brains I'm insane Teacher says that I'm one big pain Bang Your Head! R.I.P
  5. Thanks for the link Ex, some interesting reading.
  6. "Of course hurts people. Is weapon."
  7. Well, looks like you did just that. Now you're not allowed to play next year, we can't have you totally kicking all our asses like that again. :sad: LOL. Good job. I don't feel to bad as half of you bums were worse than me. Unfortunately half were better too.
  8. They just use throw away email addy's, and blocking IPs doesn't work either, they use proxies and never have the same IP. The no posting of links and images until 10 posts is a good idea though.
  9. They're all heart. One would think they would've been wise to make a reasonable offer. Oh well.
  10. Not out of line PhoetuS, I was actually thinking of making it transparent myself at the time and just blew it off. Thanks. If Angry feels like changing it when he gets a chance that's cool, if he doesn't , then that's fine too.
  11. Lol, a Hanson without a bloody face just ain't right, and hard to find at that. That said, here's a kinder gentler Hanson.
  12. Thanks for all your work Angry, Tmod, and all the others. Hopefully the Street is moving toward great things.
  13. :eek2: = what my eyes felt like after reading that.
  14. I saw the same show or similar on History's Modern Marvels. It is pretty interesting, there are a few starting to pop up locally.
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