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  1. I use AVG free. Up until about 2 months ago I used Norton/symantec for almost 10 years
  2. I agree the artist has a choice and in the end $$$$ is all that counts, for most people, but not me - usually
  3. I will say this I am guilty. In the past year I have made a very high return on my money in the stock market. I invested in energy, tobacco, and well walmart. I have recently divested myself of these stocks. I have decided and started to give away over time 75% of the gains. I have also started to support not-for-profits. The guilt was too much. I guess I will stick with my government salary it is fair. Having a conscious is very hard. This means my pc upgrades will have to wait longer than my planned spring 07 time-line.
  4. Didn't they just open a store in China? Ikea has. The Chinese ministry is addicted to starbucks and Coke (the drink).
  5. I think they made a mistake when they stopped supporting my WindowsME. Patching all the security holes in ME has become a full-time job for me. Just kidding - The point being they are in business to make money. XP Home addition was just a lure to get you hooked to MS. Even if they wanted to they could not afford to support XP forever.
  6. Shaolin95 - I am sure you have seen the many, many threads/discussions about XFI issues. If you haven't done so, maybe you could detail your success story. You might help a lot of people out pre and post installation.
  7. Mack27 is correct. You don't want to degrade your system with that PSU!!
  8. Bill's office looks alot like mine. I have 2 23" lcds and 1 tablet.
  9. I love my system. 1 year and no problems. None. I will be upgrading my whole system next year. Let's see what DFI will have for us then!!
  10. U probably already know this but here it is anyway: Here is what each of the LEDs mean System startup 4 led’s on, no CPU detected CPU is detected 3 led’s on, memory not working DRAM is detected 2 led’s on, VGA not working VGA is detected 1 led on, unable to load OS I am not sure about the amber light. Now how do you know your CPU is still functioning? You said your last board was RMA'd because it wasn't detecting your CPU and it still sounds like you are having the same problem.
  11. What do u mean price lowered? U said $99 to in your first post.
  12. I would love to talk about why I occasionally have to stay awake 100 + hours straight, but I can't. You would really be surprised at what happens in the world. Wild stuff, mostly wild goose chases. Most people hear and even witness some of what I am not talking about. But that is usually just a small piece of the distributed puzzle. "24" is an entertaining show but way off the mark and completely unrealistic. Any former FT Meade Alumni around here?
  13. I have been up for over 6 days straight. Anyone know if that is a record. Don't ask me why, you don't really want to know. If I explain why I would be called a liar or you would be in denial. Let's just so you can go to sleep (not before me though) knowing the sun will/is rising today. You are welcome and good night
  14. Having lived in and around Chicago all my life, I see more people from the burbs prentending to be hard core, so I guess I agree with you. Consider that 90% if not more of the sales for hard core gangster rap are not in the major cities. CYA and be safe when you take that stroll outside of your cul de sac
  15. jrp65

    delete a os

    I assume you mean you have 75Gb of files (music ... etc) back them up before you reformat, then move them back. This is just an option. You could try and delete the OS 64. But what if you mess that up, will you be able to access your files. Back up your data no matter what you decide to do. Good Luck!
  16. Battle - u r going to have to do some work/research. Unless you want to ship the board to me to build it for you :nod: . Seriously, there are several step by step build guides here. Search. Also don't go clearing BIOS before you know if you already have the latest version. Search is your friend.
  17. Do a quick search here but I believe you can still do the mod. It may require a bit more effort clearing the non-conductive material before you short the points together.
  18. Start a new thread or mod your title, you will get a better response
  19. jrp65

    delete a os

    The best way to avoid future issues is to reformat.
  20. That works out fine that u can't go for us city folk since he was ripped off by what is described as suburban punks. We all know no crime ever happens in the burbs. That is because if you are the "right" type and you murder, rape, steal .. etc, you are the victim, not the dead (raped or ripped off) person.
  21. Not worth the money no matter what. Nice try to flip it on e-bay. You mihgt had more success selling it here.
  22. Just to be fair. I purchased most of my system from them, monarch, originally last year March. But I have always had much better results and service with newegg. I don't mine paying a bit extra for the piece of mind
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