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  1. You know, the more I look at this thing, the more I wonder if it even is a computer... Allow me to explain... Yes, it looks like and could pass as a computer case, but... Do you see a motherboard? Do you see anything that resembles computer hardware? I see what LOOKS like a PSU, and something that LOOKS like a CD-ROM drive, but other then that, I can't tell. And the two things I just mentioned don't REALLY look like they are anything that could be useable. The rest of the items look like it's a bunch of watercooling hoses, and hoses in the case for the simple fact of putting hoses in there.This case just looks like a bunch of wires going everywhere, for a pure aesthetic motive. Hell it would be cool if it were a working computer, and you'd bet your butt I'd show it off if it were mine. All I know is, if that really IS a working computer, that has got to be one classy lady to upgrade...
  2. Being in Japan and seeing their currency almost daily, it kind of looks like Japanese currency. However, it looks more like Korean or Phillipino currency.
  3. The first step is admitting you have a problem THunDA... it's ok, just tell us...
  4. I personally find it hilarious when I see pictures like Mayhem posts. I think South Park is a little overkill, but the general idea is amusing to me. Mayhem, seeing how much fun your little boy is having almost makes me want to have a son!
  5. Holy crap THunDA... is that... AOL I see on your desktop?!?!
  6. I don't understand what the big hooplah is anyhow... They are rules common to any online trading forum... how can that be copyrighted? That's like saying you can't eat your bread a certain way without asking permission because someone else copyrighted it... If they classy lady and cry about it, just change some wording, move the order around and call it a day. I don't think anyone here at DFI did anything wrong.
  7. May this day be most... blah, I'm no good with those kinds of sayings... GET DRUNK! oh and uh Angry... I sent you an email last week... had a chance to read it yet? But yes, get drunk and have a good time!
  8. Prayers from Japan to you. Being from the Gulf Coast (Galveston, Texas), I know how bad these storms can get! Oh, and don't let anyone try to tell you that a typhoon is as bad as a hurricane... I've been through like 20 typhoons since I've been here in Japan, and it's all just a bunch of rain... It hardly even makes thunder or lightning here! Nothing compared to the colossal storms that hit the gulf coast! Like I said roadie, we'll be praying for you over here in Japan.
  9. For the record, I think you'll find Splinter Cell is more graphically intense then City of Heros on the highest settings.
  10. Awesome! Each day I see more and more people that have been helped by this community and it's just an awesome feeling. You know where to come if you are having any other problems!
  11. It's ok, we were all noobs once! Glad I can help out!
  12. Have you checked what the BIOS temps are reporting? Also try installing Motherboard monitor 5.
  13. you don't need to have your OS installed to flash your BIOS. You can do it any number of ways! I'll list 3 here: 1) floppy drive 2) CD-Rom drive 3) USB flash drive I'll find a sticky on detailed info on how to flash your BIOS and post it here for you. *EDIT* Here it is: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ight=BIOS+Flash This is a detailed BIOS thread, but if you scroll down to the bottom of post #3, you will see how to flash your BIOS with a floppy drive. *EDIT* Here's another good read that talks about flashing with a CD-ROM drive, and myself talking about doing it with a USB flash drive: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...=USB+BIOS+FLASH
  14. That's probably what your problem is, the 1/25 BIOS. Go ahead and upgrade to the latest official BIOS on the DFI website, and I would wager that would solver your problem. Click here for a direct link to the page where you can download the BIOS for your board. The 3/10 version incorporates: 1. NVMM 4.85 and NV RAID 4.81. 2. Enhanced memory compatibility. 3. Enhanced USB Compatibility. 4. Enhanced the support of Athlon 64 in version E3(Venice), E4(San Diego). and the 6/23 version incorporates everything above, as well as: 1. Patch Dual-Core CPU performance problem. 2. Add Errata 123 option. 3. Add ACPI SRAT option.
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