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NF3 250GB Video Issues

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Yep, mine does EXACTLY the same thing. By the way, the Fortron 530 didnt do anything to solve any of my problems; in fact, it was far worse. I don't know if i recieved a bad psu or not, but all rails were very low on the fortron. even with pot adjustments, i couldn't get the psu to reliably crank the board, so back it went.

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Guest someDude

yeah, I wouldn't want to have bad rails on a new PS either.


OK, a strange update now.


Thought I'd go back to son 1's computer and give it a go with Flghtmstr1's method, since it worked good on son 2's computer. So I did a good driver cleaning, pulled that Ti4600 again, and installed a 3rd unopened untested 9800 pro 256. Did that of course with power off for a while, so started back with a cold boot from power unplugged, ie no red standby power led.


Get this, it boots up with good video first time and every time:confused: Now this is same computer that didn't like 2 other new 9800 pro 256 cards.


So, my thinking is it's the video cards.

But they do work on my Asus.


Perhaps that agp slot needs a little foreplay, you know, several gentle (installations) before really hitting it hard.

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This is resolved. I spoke with my customer and he said he found another high end video card ( nvidia chipset) and it worked. It appears that this Radeon 9800 NEVER worked with the DFI board. If I knew that, I could have saved myself much aggrevation. I find it odd that this card works fine in my PIII MB but not in the fancy DFI. Thanks for all the help

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