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  1. I'm running 3.5v on the new bios...i kept my overclock, and memtest reports much higher memory bandwidth (probably) due to the bank interleaving. sandra and the other windoze mem bandwidth benchmarks i use didn't show any gain, however.
  2. Eh...as they say, the only stupid question is the one which goes unasked. I'm not sure many people know what thermal throttling actually does...I won't profess to, but i will say that when overclocking it is best, as a general rule of thumb, to turn off all unneccessary "features" such as that. It probably doesn't matter all that much, if at all, but I would turn it off just to be on the safe side. If you are running the 8/27 bios (the one that came on the board) you will not be able to boot with cpu thermal throttling set to zero. So if you have that bios, either upgrade it (makes sense anyway) or leave thermal throttling where it is. As to your second question, I don't think there's a way to make your SATA hard drive go any faster. hope that helps... EDIT: As i was responding, it seems someone more knowledgeable than i replied first. Oh well...
  3. I finally got time today to test out both sticks. As it turns out, one of my sticks will go somewhere between 260 and 270 (didn't test any intermediate values) but the other won't do anything above 245 stably. In addition, my third DIMM slot won't go above 250 fsb without the computer restarting. But if i put my sticks in slots 1 and 2 they won't even pass memtest stably at 245, which is where i run both sticks at when they are in slots 1 and 3. so, whats the deal? should i RMA my ram and hope the replacement sticks are better? should i RMA my mobo in addition? Has anyone else found that some slots work better than others?
  4. Alright guys, I'm a little disappointed. I took out one of my sticks and re-tested and my rig won't go any higher on the fsb with 512 MB of ram as it does with 1 GB of ram. 245 is the max either way. What does this mean? DOes it mean i recieved crappy VX, or does it mean that my memory controller can't handle above 245 fsb regardless of the amount of memory in it?
  5. Hey guys, if any of you have a PSU with an adjustable +3.3v rail, raise it a bit. That cured my Sapphire 9800 Pro issues. Even if i switch the psu off to move my comp or change ram or whatever, the comp will boot fine now.
  6. yes, rabbi i used your timings as a baseline. i tried many other combinations, but yours seemed to offer the best performance.
  7. So...does that mean that i should sink my mosfets and nforce 3?
  8. I tested my memory's stability at 8x2XX; i guess i should test it at the cpu speed i intend to run. What are you going to do with the 3200+ when you get your new cpu? I want to get rid of this processor and buy a 3400 mobile as well, but i can't just let a 200 dollar processor sit around, so i need to figure out a way to get rid of it and get some of my money back. What do u suggest (besides ebay). EDIT: Oh and I have had a fan over the memory since the very beginning.
  9. Sorry to make a whole new thread about this, but something seems amiss. My Fortron 530 Watt PSU's 3.3v rail only goes up to 3.64v in BIOS when idle, and 3.58 in SmartGuardian. Shouldn't it be able to go higher, to around 3.8v or 3.9v? It seems that a significant portion of the pot's rotation at the very end is "dead", meaning turning the pot after a certain point doesnt result in more voltage.
  10. Hey everybody, I finally recieved my new VX and although it seems to have fixed my cold booting issue, it hasn't overclocked quite as well as i anticipated. The highest I've had it memtest stable is 245fsb. It has about 250 errors after one pass at 250, and i havent had time to check the intermediate values between 245 and 250. I expected this memory to be able to do better than that. One thing interesting is that at 250fsb, it got the same number of errors at 3.4volts and 3.5 volts, meaning the extra voltage didn't help with stability. this makes me believe that the problem lies in the memory controller, not the ram itself. You may look at the timings in my sig and conclude that they are too tight, but loostening them did not help with stability at all, nor did it enable me to oc any higher. When I find time I will try each stick of 512 individually to see if it is the memory controller holding me back or the ram itself. So, what do you guys suggest? Is a C0 revision processor really such a liability, or should I be able to hit 250? I think my cpu is actually one of the better C0 revision processors around; its good till about 2.5 GHz.
  11. What has it hit thus far and at what voltage?
  12. I haven't had any bios issues with this board thus far (knock on wood). I think the bios corruption problem was more prevalent on the DFI NF2 boards, so people assumed it would be the same with the NF3 board. I don't really know if people have had problems or not.
  13. So what else runs off the +3.3v rail, and should i be worried about raising that rail?
  14. I'm currently running 1.525 vcore. I haven't had time to prime95 higher than 2.4GHz. I've run it at 2.5 and it seemed stable enough but it was too loud and i didnt prime it. when i get more time i'll see if i can find an intermediate setting ~2.45GHz. Actually, I should prolly put my voltages in my sig...
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