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Official OCC CS:S Server!


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NOTE: this information is outdated, and should no longer be used - sdy284 5/13/2010




The brand new, OFFICIAL, public 32 man, OCC CSS Server is up & running!!!



It's running the following mods:

Mani Admin

Mattie Event Scripts

Gun Game

Quake Sounds

Download the Map Pack!

Quick Downloads:





Slow Download:

From cchalo's server



When you're on the server, please respect the server moderators:

  • Silverfox
  • ClayMeow
  • Kash
  • jammin
  • cchalogamer
  • gotdamojo06
  • LoArmistead


and please don't ask to be a moderator on the server.


If you encounter something that you regard as "moderator abuse" please send it to [email protected]

Also, all of your general questions, comments, & complaints can be sent there as well


Want a cool, custom spray that you always see people use? Go HERE for some custom OCC Sprays


Here's a preview:


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If only i could have gotten my dang ftp server up and running, but couldnt figure it out...:(


cant wait to come and play on the server...maybe you could upload the zip file on the topic and we could download and install it so we dont have to wait so long to get into the server as well as slow down your connection :)

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Need to fix last weapon, got 2 knife kills while on Nade and didn't win. Bots could be better AI was on a team with 2 bots vs 3 players. They didn't do jack.


if yuo're on nade level, you can't knife past it. You HAVE to get a nade kill in order to advance to the knife level.


and bots aren't really supposed to be in gungame, i just have them in so if somebody joins they're not playing by themself :)


and i added props to clay in my first post :P

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