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Alright here's the deal, I've been looking for a nice cheap car for a while and yesterday I came across an incredibly cheap Mini Cooper S and the buyer is selling because he's moving to the UK because of a divorce. Now my parents and I are ready to make this transaction but he's in the UK and I'm in the US so he wants to make the transaction through WorldPay. I have never heard of this company before and I was wondering if this was a reputable and reliable company. Because of the low price I'm just being skeptical but everything else about this has been smooth.



Edit: Sorry about the link



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A minute worth of "using the google search engine to search the internet" yielded this: WorldPay Review


WorldPay Review


WorldPay are big hitters in the merchant account business having a huge global reach.


Companies acquiring their merchant account from WorldPay can accept payments for their products or services in over 120 different currencies.


This helps to increase sales substantially by allowing customers to buy in their own currency - and thus making your prices "transparent" to those not based in your own country.


Worldpay accept merchants from all over the globe and can pay you in any one of 14 currencies you specify.


At the time of writing, these are:


UK Sterling


US Dollars




Canadian Dollar


Japanese Yen


Swiss Francs


Danish Kroner


Swedish Kroner


Norwegian Kroner


Australian Dollars


Hong Kong Dollars


New Zealand Dollars


Singapore Dollars


South African Rand


So if you're an "international" merchant (i.e. you're not based in the U.S.!) then WorldPay probably have a solution for you, particularly if I mentioned your currency just now.


Due to their stability and currency options I personally think WorldPay is an excellent choice and personally know many friends who have been very satisfied by the service they have received from WorldPay.


WorldPay integrates seamlessly with a wide range of shopping carts including 1shoppingcart - our personal favourite due to it's user friendly design, powerful features and amazingly good value.


During application you simply specify which cart from the impressive list you hope to use and a technical advisor emails you with full integration details.


Whether you use one of the recommended carts or opt to try and use another extensive, free customer support is laid on to help you.


The feature however that I like most is the WorldPay Guarantee.


For a minimal monthly fee you guarantee safe trading for both yourself and your customers.


Basically, if fraudulent charges are made (such as a purchase with a stolen card) then WorldPay will shoulder the loss rather than expecting you to do so.


In addition you aren't charged chargeback fees - making operation much safer and more profitable for you.


Further, as your customers are fully protected also, they too will feel safer, and the result is greater faith in your company and a greater readiness to send sensitive credit card information over the Internet.


When customers are reassured by a large, trusted third party company that their details are safe, they listen.


Do not underestimate the power of the WorldPay Guarantee to either yourself or your customers - it's an incrediable service.


Lastly, for the technically inexperienced, WorldPay offer a service called Click'n'Build for idiot-proof, fast building of e-commerce websites.


Seems good to me....don't know if anyone else here has used it before or not.

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Recieved this from them today.




My name is Ronald and I am from the Support of WorldPay


We have received your card payment order you can see below and I need to make a

verification of the details you have filled in. We have

just tried to contact you at the telephone number you have supplied in the

payment (order 206643,total 122.40 GBP,Receipt Date

16/08/2006) but this telephone appears to be invalid.


It would be great if you supply us a telephone where we can reach you directly.

Your domain name and the hosting plan will be approved

immediately after your confirmation.Or please contact your credit card company

to resolve this matter.

You can check your card transaction details in attachment.


Case ID Number: 206643

Your assistance will be appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Best Regards,

Ronald Grow

[email protected]


:blink: I've never heard of them, let alone Ronald!!!

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lol, ok so my linking skills are bad... :P


But anyways it seems this Mini Cooper is a scam... Payer insists on a cash payment to go through this company worldpay who has no coverage or policy on fraudulent items, story keeps changing, so... seems my car fell through. Seemed too good to be true anyways.

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