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  1. I went into the bios and disabled Fast Startup..And tried it and did not bring it up. I am looking for the settings you mentioned in the support manual
  2. Has any one tried wake on lan recently? I still can't get the board to wake up.. BIOS - APM -> Turn PCIE on is enabled, and netwrok adapter configuration power management everything is set to on.. I have tried different options. and no luck
  3. Gremlin


    New HDMI 2.1 cables are coming supposedly should help more
  4. If you double click on the event log what does it say? Have you tried reinstalling the software?
  5. Forgot to ask: Do you see your neighbors phone hotspot? What other students doing for their laptops?
  6. Have you tried installing any new drivers? Do they have to allow your laptop by providing them your wifi Mac Address so it will connect? What SSID do you see when click on wifi connections?
  7. I was looking at that as well.. MOst likely that is the route I will be going..
  8. So got the Evga 850 G+ .. One modular for Graphics connection has one 8 pin and 6 pin .. Can I use the same cable to power the whole card? Looking at Johnny guru's reviews for some brands, why does the wire have capacitors in them? to protect the psu and parts to fry due to a surge? Thank you
  9. Yep I have ran as admin eve tried diff combinations and installed what I think it would run... And nothing it launches and closes.. Thank you for trying appreciate it
  10. Yep.. still no go ..
  11. I am on the latest 1909 build..
  12. Hmm I don't get any of that.. I launch Blender-launcher and cursor goes busy circle and back to the usual cursor.. Even turn microsoft system protection as well.. I will google more and see if missed something,.
  13. @ir_cow: I downloaded 2.81 and installed it. Than ran the link from Braegnok and launches .. It says it launches and nothing happens..
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