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  1. Hi, Sorry I have no idea if this is the right place. I bought a monitor mounts for 3 monitors with a clamp. Unfortunately where i can't mount it on a wall. So with the clamp, can you suggest what i can put between the clamp and table? So the table does not get any damage? Thank you
  2. Replied to your 1080 P monitor thread. I was right aye.. you really want to upgrade from a TI? I am just asking trying not to discourage you Signature: I am not an admin, but may be check your profile to see if you can preview ?
  3. look at monitor reviews from gear seekers and hadrware Canucks and Hardware Unboxed as they have done good reviews on 1080 p monitors. Here is a Gigabyte one from Amazon : Amazon Gigabyte product and review : gear seekers review Here is the reviews for 1080 P from Hardware UnBoxed and in the description has about 9 models.. Hope that helps They are all in your price range..
  4. your system should be fine.. I am guessing 1440 P will be the most advantage where 3080 gaming comes in..correct me if i am wrong
  5. I understand Just curious what he is using linux for AMD has good drivers according to a friend of mine.. he is using linux with an AMD card.. Ubuntu as well i believe
  6. Gremlin

    Railway Epic

    How is it ? I got it in the library that is
  7. I am going to be honest here.. good luck on drivers for linux with nvidia cards.. Yes they are improving.. But why are you running a titan card with Linux? Folding?
  8. Thank you @ir_cow Daggone Nvidia... Why the 16th ... unless they are waiting to release drivers on the day of release?? or people have reported benchmarks I am guessing here .. lol
  9. NYT : Yes you are correct..3060 TI might be released with 3070 as well . That card has 8 megs
  10. Yes.. 3070 Ti is coming out.. There is a rumor that 3080 video card with 20 gigs of RAM as well.. Wonder how much that is gong to cost..
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