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  1. Just a heads up found out this weekend, that the clip on motherboard that holds the card was not pushed in fully and the card was not seeded properly.
  2. Found the issue. It is the monitor's HDMI port.. Weird.. Happy it is not the card Never expect the monitor port to go bad
  3. Spoke too soon . Left it in the morning and same thing..trying now with Display port
  4. Alright it has been up for the past 2 hours with the driver version 460.79 going to test it tomorrow morning leaving youtube running.. and seeing how it goes.. Thank you
  5. Well let's see I uninstalled the new drivers and went with the dec 4th one. Going to see how it does after an hour. Thank you for letting me know about display port
  6. It is an AMD system. Had the previous driver so installed the new one and same thing. Going to try a display port cable and see. If that does not work, going to install OS from scratch. It is working fine nothing changed. aaargh
  7. Hi, Have a friend who has a EVGA 2070 Super that has been working since Sept of last year. Has 2 displays one Display port and the other HDMI. All of a sudden, Monitor with HDMI port stops working. He has to unplug the cable and plug it back in and it works fine and after an hour or so it happens again. Any ideas? Thank you
  8. Looking for a monitor for my nephew. He does not want a curved monitor. He is looking for a 32" monitor .. All I can find are curved.. Like Dell, Samsung Thank you for any suggestions
  9. Has anyone have these monitors on hand? 1) Samsung : Besybuy was at $279.99 2) Dell : Bestbuy was at $329.99 Most likely these will be black friday was it on sale today. Are these good?
  10. So bought the game when it was on sale.. In loadout section, I have set to 5 kill streak to something.. But whenever i get 5 kill streak or so nothing happens ... Just get specialist or something Thank you
  11. Hi, Sorry I have no idea if this is the right place. I bought a monitor mounts for 3 monitors with a clamp. Unfortunately where i can't mount it on a wall. So with the clamp, can you suggest what i can put between the clamp and table? So the table does not get any damage? Thank you
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