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Best Motherboard For My Config

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hey, so now that i've sent my asus a8n-sli premium back to newegg, which motherboard should i get? i was thinking of msi k8n neo4 platinum/sli, but i am open to other suggestions. i am mainly interested in starting up this first custom computer :)


here are my specs.

lian li pc-75 full tower

seasonic s12-600 600w

amd athlon 64 x2 4800+

zalman cnps7700-cu

hynix 2gb pc3200 ddr400 (1gb x2)

xfx geforce 7800 gtx 256mb (no sli)

zalman vf700-cu

western digital wd2500jb 250gb 7200rpm 8mb

creative sound blaster audigy 4 pro

lg dvd/cd-rw combo

lg dvd-multi writer



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I would buy http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813136157

in your posistion (you apprear to have some cash :D or atleast you used to :lol:


Personally after playing with Lanparty and Infinity boards I would buy


Close to the same stuff, same great OCing (not 100% sure if it goes up to the same ram voltage, my infinity does .2 less than the lanparty version, but hell that's still 3.2v :D)


Just ahve to decide if the few extra bells and whistles + the paint job (have i mentioned these infinity boards are ugly as .) are worth the price...


Personally I will prob never have any need for the extra stuff, and i can live with the look, so :D cheaper it is.


Of course teh MSI you were looking at is a nice board aswell, personally in 939 i would rather have DFI for PCI-e and MSI for an AGP based board.


Atleast either way you wont be using a crApSUS :lol:

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Every one keeps reccomending DFI, that msi board is good but the DFI board is better IF you know how to work with it


That dfi mobo has so many jumpers and settings on it that'll give you headaches if you don't know what yourdoing

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This kinda seems like beating a dead horse since we seem to say this same thing over and over again in every thread, but I'll say it again:


DFI and MSI. Both great boards. But the DFI will give you a few more bells and whistles like major voltage options and Raid-5 support (on the SLI-DR), but will also give you more headaches too. The DFI can be a LOT to take in at once if you don't know all the lingo and everything, but can be well worth it if you're willing to try. The MSI is a little bit more user friendly, but lacks the voltage control. The thing to keep in mind is that the MSI will still give you 2.85v on the vdimm, which is more than enough to get good TCCD sticks up around DDR600 these days.

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haha thanks it will be so much better than crApSUS :)

god i had to get a8n-sli premium replaced twice :(


were you one of the guys who argued getting that board in the first place? if no then ignore my post :)


ASUS has really gone down hill since the mid to late 90's when they really made top notch boards.  I wonder what happened.



lost a designer or 2 to DFI... and got a big head... just like Abit



their new boards really arent that bad,



and go msi, very very user friendly, and very good quality.




are you saying Asus isn't bad? on the intel 478 / 604 end they were fine. the SK8N was fine. other than that I've had nothing but problems... A7N8X series, A8V, A8N, K8N, K8V, and anything with taht dumb socket 775 (well I've only found a few 775 boards by any company that aren't total crap).





another option for a noob is gigabyte. their boards are rock solid, OC okay (though you have to read the manul to even get to the bios options to do any serious oc'n... they're safely hidden from real dumb noobs... which you're not for asking before buying).

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