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  1. Yea, 24 years old! Man talk about over the hill. LOL.
  2. If you are just going to be gaming and have no delusions of hyper-multitasking then just get a single core CPU.
  3. Yea, with a Tt water cooler you are better off with air.
  4. Yes, and those are later than the 5.11 drivers, I don't really see how this is a correction?
  5. The X1800 series ATi cards with cat 5.11 drivers or later are faster than Nvidia in OpenGL applications.
  6. Don't EVER trust software readings of voltages, temperatures, etc...
  7. Nagash


    I found this in literally 12 seconds using Google.
  8. The Corsair kit is just a Swiftech MCW6002 painted black. That said, they are pretty good CPU blocks.
  9. Nagash


    Yes, there is a single and multi player demo, atleast there was before the game came out.
  10. As far as I know the last card that let people play a game over more than one monitor was the Matrox Parahelia which is ancient by today's standards.
  11. The Jaton card is a 6200TC. TC stands for Turbo Cache, which despite its name is anything but turbo. It shares your memory with your system ram creating a horrible bottleneck and killing performance. Stay AWAY from the 6200TC models.
  12. Give your video card its own cable. All other devices are fine on the same cable. Just use common sense, don't put 18 120mm fans on one molex or something and you will be fine.
  13. Yea, you'll need it to catch my X1800XT on water .
  14. FEAR would pose a problem for a 6800GT at either of those resolutions on max settings.
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