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  1. Well, I normally don't use sleep mode on any of my PCs, but I figured I'd give it a shot with my new installation of the Win7 RC1. It works fine except that when I wake it from sleep, I get a drawn-out buzz out of my PC speaker for maybe three seconds or so. I've tried turning this off both in the Windows power settings as well as in the BIOS, but I can't find a setting for it in either spot. Has anyone else had this happen before? Googling it has turned up nothing useful so far.
  2. To me, it all depends what you're doing with the card. At my desk, I use the onboard on my X48-DQ6 and it sounds fine through a set of decent 2.1 speakers. For my HTPC in the living room, I run it through a full high-end receiver and speaker set, so distortion is much more noticeable. I found that running a 3.5mm -> RCA from the headphone port needed too much amplification and sounded crackly on the onboard of the DFI nf4 Infinity, so I picked up a cheap Turtle Beach card with an optical-out and things sound much better now. I think it's just a matter of what you're running your sound out to, as well as how picky your ears are, of course
  3. Verran

    Assassins Creed 2

    Like Clay and Lo, I really loved AC1 despite some of the downfalls that I have to admit were pretty big. It was an awesome story and the graphics and setting were just beautiful. It was a really nice change from the typical hack/slash and FPS junk that we see so much of. However, I'm really torn now to find out that the console versions will release first. I don't know what to do now. I will probably want it right when it releases and I could certainly buy it for my 360, but I'd MUCH rather play it on my PC and I bet the later PC version will have some fixes in it like AC1 did. Ah, decisions...
  4. Samurize is not technically supported on Win 7 but I know people are doing it either through installing in admin mode or XP compatibility mode, so this could be.
  5. Holy lord! If that'd true, that's an amazing deal. I can't believe how cheap 360s are getting. But with the new slim PS3, I guess it's kind of a necessity. Great find!
  6. Cracking is certainly one way and is relatively guilt-free if you did indeed purchase the game. However, the best way is to simply call them up and tell them your story. I would bet good money that they'll fix your problem with very little hassle. That's always been the case when I have trouble with Windows keys, for example. Maybe this particular company and rep might jerk you around, but in general I find that in these situations they're quick to fix your problem.
  7. Sure enough. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll leave the thread here though since a good AV discussion never hurt anyone. Personally, I use Clamwin. I used Norton until it got too bulky, then I switched to AVG. I used that for quite a while but around version 8 it got way too bulky too, so now I use Clamwin. It may not be the end-all, be-all of AV, but it's super light-weight and I feel it's more than enough to protect me when paired with a little bit of common sense surfing.
  8. I'm with Andrew on this one. It seems like there'd be a VERY limited market for something like this. I would think most ITX builds would be for low-profile applications and not something this flashy. Plus, when compared to the cost of the ITX system components, that's a very hefty price. It really inflates the overall system cost. It's a cool idea, but it just doesn't add up to me. I just can't see a whole lot of people having a need/want for it.
  9. I voted "I think it is a cool concept, but not compelling enough to buy." I think it's something with real promise but it's not something I have a strong desire to adopt early. First of all, I think the prices are too high on the readers, but also on the media too. Just like with Steam, if I'm missing out on the physical product (which to me holds significant collector value), I shouldn't be paying anywhere near full price. Yet most of the time it seems like you still do. I also want to wait out the whole DRM thing. If I'm buying something, I want to know that it's mine and right now I certainly wouldn't feel that way about an eReader title (as a generalization). Can't justify it even existing? That seems a rather strong argument.
  10. Verran

    Coding Program

    Yup, Notepad++ or Textpad for languages like that.
  11. I voted no but what I really wanted was a "Maybe" option. I'm not sure really. I'll probably wait for it to be out a while and go on reviews.
  12. This is my feeling on it as well. People will always recommend turning the power-throttling features off in the BIOS when overclocking, and I still think it's good during the actual overclocking phase where you're trying to test and find your best OC settings. But after that, I turn it back on. Why not? I've never had any problems from it (that I can tell, anyways) and power savings are power savings. Plus, it can only help the lifespan of your hardware. I say turn it back on once you find your final OC and see if it works. I bet it'll work just fine.
  13. That is true but XP64 has just never really felt "complete" to me. I've tried it a few times and I always seem to run into obscure driver issues or something like that. I would much rather run Vista 64 than XP 64. As for 7, I tried it a few times in the past but always rolled back to Vista 64 because I would have problems with drivers and realize that Vista was fine for my needs. I've just reloaded RC1 though and I'm now using it full time. The new ATI drivers are better (still not perfect, IMO) and I don't have any problems with it anymore. So I've really just started "testing" Win7, which means I won't be buying it any time soon. But if I do like it, I'll probably upgrade, though not immediately. I'd probably wait until I started nearing the expiration for the RC1 copy.
  14. Your program intends to test how quickly a given PC can draw a picture on a screen. However, that's not the hard part. That's not what users really need to know. Putting the picture on the screen is easy. The hard part is rendering the picture. It's figuring out that the user wants to move forward and then figuring out where every pixel needs to be moved in the next frame in order to make that motion happen on the screen. Those calculations are what cause games to be unplayable, not the drawing of the image after it's rendered. The difference is the reason that it takes basically nothing to watch an avi (video) file on your PC, yet if you had a game that could actually render that same HD quality video in real time it would crush most systems. It's because the video file is pre-recorded. It doesn't need to be rendered.
  15. Some people will notice a huge difference and other people will notice nothing at all. It just depends how picky you are really. If you've been using onboard for this long and not had a problem with it, I would bet you won't notice a big difference going to a separate card at this point, but you never know until you try one out for yourself.
  16. My OCC link points to the "View New Posts" page. I always go there first. I voted "Recent Topics" because I assume that's the same thing, but I'm actually not sure.
  17. I don't really care about twitter. I'm just ignoring it and waiting for it to go away. I don't feel like it's being "forced" on me though. That seems to be implied in the poll responses and I think that's a weird sentiment. Why do you feel like it's being "forced"? No one has to use it. If you feel like it's the only way to get your news, you need to get out more When I see major companies asking me to "follow" them on twitter I just think it's really lame. They're trying so hard to be hip and cool but it just doesn't seem appropriate in most cases. I don't understand what they would use twitter for in most cases.
  18. It sure feels that way sometimes... Can't say I'm that surprised Ever since your dice pot showed up I knew you'd be hooked on extreme cooling I can't wait for the first round of testing screenshots once this thing shows up at your house!
  19. Shouldn't you be the one telling us if that video card is enough for your monitor? I mean if anyone would know, wouldn't it be the guy who can actually get his hands on the parts and test it? Why not just try it out yourself and see first hand if it can handle your games or not?
  20. You should start out by reading general guides. I wrote one a while ago. You can find it here. It's a bit old and generalized, but it should be good for getting you started. As for a "step-by-step" guide, you're not likely to find that. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as putting in the right code and then you're overclocked. Every chip is different. Every memory stick, every cooling fan, every motherboard, every power supply, etc, etc. The point is that no two PCs will have exactly the same "steps" for overclocking. What works wonderfully for one person may fail miserably for the next. That's why you need to learn the general ideas behind overclocking and go at it yourself, rather than trying to use someone else's settings.
  21. Absolutely. No one's on his side. That's what you're missing. No one is saying he was right. But just because he was wrong doesn't mean you were right. You both acted like idiots. The only difference is, you're the one bragging about it. What's even worse is that you had a passenger and you willingly endangered them with your stunt too. What you did was endanger yourself, the other driver, your passenger and anyone else on the road near you just to prove a point. That's a jerk move. You could have been the bigger man and just backed down (knowing that he was wrong but that the collision wasn't worth it), but you didn't. And the really sad point is that you're proud of this.
  22. I think you're really starting to exaggerate this now. Just because someone has racing experience doesn't mean that they're going to drive like a maniac on the road. I was on a university sponsored racing team in college and I have many friends who regularly take their cars to the track to race. In general, I find that people who race their cars are some of the best drivers I know. It sounds to me like you're just working off of a lot of assumptions for this theory. "Low speed" is a relative term. If you're going fast enough to cause damage or injury in a collision, then you're going fast enough to have traction problems in snow. Knowing how to handle or avoid traction loss would be very useful in that case. Again, I think you're exaggerating by thinking these skills are only useful at high speeds in wide open areas.
  23. Looks like a fairly good deal as long as you don't care about the specifics of what's inside your case. The Alienware parts descriptions are majorly lacking and personally I'd never buy a PC with part descriptions that vague. Maybe they are Asus and Enermax. Maybe not. It doesn't say, and that's the bottom line for me. If it was killer stuff, they'd want to say, don't you think? To me, the motivation to be vague is that it's NOT all that great. But like I said, some people don't care and in all likelihood it will probably make a very small difference for most people. To me, it's just not a good enough savings over buying exactly what I want.
  24. That's not really true. I understand your point that they shouldn't be out there racing, but just because they're not doesn't mean that the skills acquired while racing don't apply. For example, a while ago I drove a 2WD Dodge Dakota Sport with a 318 V8 and no traction control. Needless to say, this is not an ideal car for Michigan winters. Tons of power and no weight in the back to keep the wheels from losing grip? It meant even touching the gas would spin the tires. So every year after the first big snow I'd go out and fill the gas tank and "race" around a particular empty parking lot until my tank was empty. By spending a whole night sliding my truck around in the snow, I got very used to handling the car in those conditions, to the point where it was just second nature and I didn't have to think about it anymore. That way, if I ever had a bad situation on the road, I would react instinctively, just like I practiced, rather than panic. It came in handy on more than one occasion when I would find myself sliding for one reason or another.
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