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  1. I wasn't aware you could really call yourself that. what was it an accounting or business student who got dumped in the IT dept who took his A+? yeah yeah yeah. thought process isn't doing well again. brain on overload / withdrawls
  2. no SLI support. 2 8800's only gets you 2 8800's. besides in 2 card crossfire the 3870 (not the lower end 3850) holds it's own with the slightly more expensive 8800GT
  3. if it's in the house it's a mouse. if it's outside it's a rat the following pic is another one of thsoe "god knows where it came from pics... but just as bad. mouse.bmp mouse2.bmp mouse3.bmp
  4. what the heck???? killer next to what? another AM2 chip? per $$$ an intel out of the box is faster, and has a higher ceiling to overclock. also NO the AMD chipsets are not overclocking well. the nvidia chipsets are the best if you absolutely insist upon having an AM2 setup. the ONLY, and I say again ONLY reason for an AMD chipset on a motherboard right now is for 4 card crossfire with a phenom. other than that they're useless.
  5. um... it's curved like that to give a more realistic 3d image... well at least to fool the eyes better. similar to what Imax does. I don't think it would "hurt" any other functions, just take some getting used to. much like many people can't get used to having 3 or 4 large LCD's running at once. some people have problems with having multiple screens set up in a horseshoe type pattern.
  6. 2 in crossfire, the 3rd would have to be run as a seperate card. only the new AMD / ATI 790 chipset will allow for 3+ cards at once. and that is ONLY for the AMD platform. Intel has the rights to crossfire with 2 cards, and they're on thier own from here on out with it.
  7. not that it overly matters we're discussing graphics cards, not graphics card like things (as the post began).
  8. nope you're right. the g92 is a die shrunk and modified g80 NOT a g90. g90 is the 8600 and g100 is the 8500 / 8400
  9. no the older g90 chips had a higher transistor count over the g92. why I'm not sure but they did. but yeah, the 8600GTS is another example of the marketing department putting out barbed hooks for morons to put in thier mouths.
  10. only on the OEM side. the retails give you the choice for which route you want to go.
  11. the availibilty of the GT has come way up suddenly. but that still presents a problem for him.... the market for a used GTS 320mb is dried up and gone.
  12. okay, I'm going to start picking your logic apart on this one and score it based on logic. something you should have done before making this move 6200 = lowest end of it's generation from nvidia x550 = second lowest end of it's generation from ATI score: ATI 1 / Nvidia 0 Memory interface... "tc" means turbo cache. which is marketing speak for "stealing system ram". so the 6200 gets it's "DDR2" only because your motherboard is DDR2. if you ran it on an older socket 939 rig, it would only have DDR. it's also only got a 64 bit memory bus next to the x550's 128 bit. score: ATI 2 / Nvidia 0 SM2 vs SM3... I love hearing the victories that marketing departments manage to pull off. they got you to add to thier trophy wall of people who listen to them and not pay attention to facts. the 6200 is flat out too slow to actually use SM3. any time you've got calls to use it... frame rates are going to be in the single digits.. as in 1 to 2. it's a really usable feature. scroe: ATI 3 / Nvidia 0 higher transistor count... for crap sake who told you that made a card better??????? the 8800GT g92 has a lower transistor count than the 8800GTS g90... but it's BETTER. all higher transistor count with lower performance tells me is design flaws, inefficient, and power hungry. score: ATI 4 / Nvidia 0 I'm sure some other guys can step in and keep this up... but it's just not worth it for me to continue this. my bet is you argue anyway just like you did with king... who is absolutely CORRECT!
  13. and like we had a discussion about before. sure a car will do 120mph. drive it from texas to new york at full load. then what have you got? you're doing the same exact thing to your computer pushing PSU's like that. so go ahead and call it "working". I call it "working on breaking". also excuse me for reading directions / white papers on products. I have too many years of cleaning up messes by those who "have experience" just plugging things in like an aimless chimp.
  14. too heavy for llamas. look like alpacas or fat llamas
  15. and paramount switched to HD... the irony... who is paramount?
  16. now now, rat dogs serve two purposes in home security. in the ancient days the little dogs were inside yapping to warn the big outdoor dogs if someone slipped by them. they also make good trip hazards
  17. something about how many 12v rails does that antec have vs what the REQUIRED number is comes to mind seriously.... while that antec PSU was servicable 2 years ago, even the best of the big mosters from then are useless now. the quad will require dual 12v rails and 280 watts to itself. also been having issues with ALL OCZ ram on intel chipset based boards. lord only knows why but it's been fine on AMD setups.
  18. this just comes across like the inquirer. tom's also makes it sound like nothing outside of a die shrink with minor revisions. plus a "dual" (NOT DUEL) chip card should theoretically perform more than 30% faster than it's single chip brother it's replacing.
  19. I wouldn't put silverstone ANY better than TT. a tier 2 PSU maker. besides the fact that some of thier models are rebadged coolermasters (have never dealt with so many PSU's running the 12v rail at 11.3-11.5v all the time). Nor would I really call the entire OCZ line a top grade unit. Antec, Enermx, Enlite, PCP&C, Tagan, and Super Micro (though ungodly expensive) top my list of units I've relied on. however as a note, the 8800 series of cards and Antec PSU's seem to have some strange issues.
  20. reason #2 I never carry abit (or the rest of that family) built products... from experience call the sales department. and the best I can tell they do practice call screening via their caller ID there. outside calls tend to be ignored while internal (aka transfered from sales) are picked up.
  21. tv vs monitor is a resolution loss. videos formatted for the monitor will look like that on the TV. anime doesn't have as crisp of a picture right out of the gate, so you won't notice it... but it's there.
  22. store comes out better for the $$$ lost on the PS3. they now "helped" a customer at thier own expense. When infact your absolutely right about it being a mistake by an employee of that store for returning this in the first place.
  23. 5 christmas' is a redneck thing. so being in the red is normal. besides, it's not like anyone else is a TOTAL MORON (aka me) and got your wife a set of Tiffany legacy drop ear ring and pendant set to wear to a new years eve party (aka wear once) this year. I still need to smash my skull with a baseball bat for that dumb idea.
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