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Serial Ata Harddrives


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are they really that much faster than the ATA133 , can you see some difference?

someone who has some experience?


Model Number:ST380023AS

Capacity:80 GB

Speed:7200 rpm

Seek time:9 ms avg

Interface:Serial ATA

Suggested Resale Price*: 199.99$



Seagate's Barracuda ATA V with Serial ATA Interface leverages the mechanics of the industry's quietest 7200 rpm desktop drive. The Barracuda ATA V offers 80GB and 120GB capacities with an 8MB cache for mainstream, high performance PCs, and entry-level servers. The product features all FDB motors, superior reliability and the next generation interface - Serial ATA. The SATA Barracuda includes Seagate's exclusive 3D Defense System and a one-year limited warranty.


Features Benefits


7,200 RPM desktop performance

Improves overall PC performance


350 Gs nonoperating shock

Protect drive from shock and vibration


3D Defense System

Industry's most comprehensive drive and data protection system


DiscWizard software

World's best disc installation software utility


SoftSonic FDB motor

Quietest acoustics on any desktop drive


8-Mbyte cache buffer

Improved performance


Serial ATA interface

Fastest data transfer rates





Best-in-class nonoperating shock for excellent reliability

Best combination of performance, acoustics and robustness

2.5 bels idle acoustics - the industry's best

Platform based on the highly reliable Barracuda ATA IV disc drive

3D Defense System for world's best drive and data protection

SoftSonic FDB motor on every drive





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I recently got the ST3120026AS model (120gb 8.5read) and yep they are very quiet as for speed well I've heared reports of booting times dropping but actual drive speed isn't much different.

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Something I find worrying is the amount of heat sata drive make (or it could just be seagate ones?), I haven't put a probe on it yet but it's way the hottest thing in my case including the cpu.

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Hmm? I tend to stay well away from wd drives, yep they may be fast but they just don't last any time at all (or maybe it's just me that has been unlucky with them).

Also isn't the raptor only 36 GB? sure its 10,000 rpm but speed is no subsitute for space and it costs much more per MB than any other sata drive.


but each to there own I guess? :D

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yes they are double the price of a regular drive

and WD doesn't have a great reputation for durability

but the Raptor's sport's a five year waranty :) B)

and the bragin rights did you think about the bragin rights :lol:

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i saw an article in a mag i had about serial ata. My mobo the NF7-S can support it so, i was looking into it. They tested the raptor against one of the other wd drives. the raptor ran a 36 mb/ps write rate and the other drive ran a 33 mb/ps write rate. the read rate was about 42 for the raptorand 39 for the other drive. SO, it is really up to you. I personally do not think it is woth it at the current time.


edit- They say that the serial ata drives can do 150mb/ps, but why spend extra money when even ata-66 would suffer no preformance decrease

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