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    Supped-UP-Cars<br>Computer Modding and Overclocking of course<br>Boxing<br>Hockey and Soccer<br>Linux and Carding
  1. Have fun at college. First year is always the best. No Parents, free internet and lots of girls. Os have fun at your new college.
  2. well after we got power, we really didnt give a crap and started all of our ac's.
  3. Hi guys im back. I think we took the worst of it in Manhattan New york. 30+hours with out power. I just got my power back at like 8pm here. And when the lights turned on suddenly, everybody in the streets were cheering. So i had to spend the night in a very hot and humid apartment. And there was no hot water, so we had freezing cold water to shower with. But it was nice night where i got to play around with Candles and flashlights. While walking my dog and i saw 2 cute girls walking toward me, i slapped their asses and they dont even have a clue who did cuz it was so freakin dark!LOL! Phones were not down but you needed a cell phone or rotary phone for it to work. I i was at a bookstore when this happened and i really thought this was the works of some hackers. that would have been cool if hackers did this! Well the worst is over or maybe it is, just crossing my fingers and hoping the light's dont go out because we overuse the electricity.
  4. Hi, I believe there are going to be some complications with the ac power outlet since you live in UK and this is a USA prometeia. I don't know how to calculate the tax in uk but the shipping via USPS would be 139 euro. So total would be 492 euro. Sorry but the horrific hoel i made, i only had a dremel and wanted a neat case with little wires showing. ABout the books, i don't have much space in room so i had to dump them under my desk. If you are interested you can email me at [email protected], thanks! SOLD!!!!!
  5. Right now the memory kits to get are the ADATA PC4000 2 x256mb OCZ GOLD PC4000 DC GEIL Platinum PC4000 or PC4200 I have the ADATA and they can reach insane fsb in which the japs are getting high fsb here
  6. Id have to say in the following order: 1. ASUS P4C800-E 2. EPOX 4PCA3+ 3. Abit IC7-G 4. ASUS P4P800 When max 3 comes out it will claim the 1st or 2nd spot.
  7. There lots of places in Europe that sell Prometeia. it originated from Denmark so i dont think you should have a problem buying one.
  8. Hi guys i bought a Mach 2 so i need to sell my Mach 1. Everything original is included even manual. I did some mod to it also, that would benefit the performance of the machine. - I dremeled a hole on the right-senter side of the prometeia so i could tunnel the wires to the back of my case. - I sanded the metal bracket on the cpu clip. I tried my best to remove the black seal string off of the components. I am included seal string that is enough for a one-time application. I will be shipping in the box that i received my Mach 2 so you know your shipping will be safe. here are links to the pics: Left Side of Prommy right side of prommy Back of Prommy Hole i made for easy insertion of wires Compressor Head Accessories Box i will be shipping prommy Asking price=$340, shipping included. PayPal or Postal Money order only PM Nycundaground for your interest. I dont have heatware but i have ebay here
  9. wow alien you have a great workstation room. You can game and when you are tired get some blankets and a pillow and spen the night sleeping on that pool table. Thats the best room scenario!
  10. I know iceepc.com is in nj. Thats all i know of.
  11. Just get some electrical tape and tighten upthe molex pins and wires tightly and wrapped it tightly with the tape. I must emphasize on making it tight. The tighter you make the easier the heatshrink will go in. Good luck!
  12. I use to have some goldfishes, a 6ft x 4ft aviary cage with 8 parakeets in it, and now i just have my dog, Chyna.
  13. I don't think that northbridge would be any better then your average northbridge heatsink+ fan solution. The fan on that heatsink looks too small and will not pull out the heat which is concentrated at the core of the heatsink.
  14. Blown are those Hyperx pc4000 chips giving you some good oc. Ive heard they were very bad. What fsb can u get to?
  15. Mines are: P1 133mhz, Win95 ( computer shop built) and i still have it now Dell 1.0 ghz- year 2000 Dell 1.6 ghz- year 2001 First Custom built 2.4 ghz machine 2nd Custom built 2.8ghz- then upgraded to 3.0ghz then to 3.2ghz
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