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    Maxiumus VII HERO Z97
    Intel 4790K @ 4.7 Ghz
    16G CORSAIR Dominator Platimium
    ASUS GTX770
    2X Samsung EVO 500G RAID 0
    Western Digital Black 2T
    Corsair AX860i
    Corsair H100i
    Cooler Master Storm trooper Black
    APC Back-UPS Pro 1500
    40" Full HD flat Screen

    VS OLD

    ABIT NF7-S rev 2.0
    Athalon 2500+
    2G DDR400
    ATI Radeon 9800Pro
    2X Western Digital Raptor 36G RAID 0
    Antec True Power 500W
    Custom Watercooling By D-TEK
  1. roblae

    Yo - been a while

    Gees!!! Lets start a geriatrics forum loll I'm in I miss the old Canadian OCC forums we had lot's of fun back then
  2. roblae

    NForce2 Or Via?

    Same here sorry Dev I don't feel like typing
  3. roblae

    1700+ With No Gaps

    sorry dude but your wrong all n-force2 mobo gives acces to all the multi setings 5 to 22 on most of them up to 24 on some all AthlonXP's based on the 13micron process "t-bred, Barton" are multi unlocked put a Palomino in an n-force2 board and it's going to be locked put a T-bred in a KT266 mobo "with BIOS support" and it's unlocked So please check your info <_<
  4. roblae

    Ocing My Computer.

    To O/C your CPU it's best to go with the BIOS I'm not a pro on Intel boards but I'm sure the P4P800 will sport sufficient O/Cing option for your desire and beyond As for the GPU I use the Omega drivers, it as an O/Cing utility included. You can choose to install the hacked drivers or the normal ones, the hacked will give you better image quality but will degrade performance a bit You can find them here
  5. To get a small boost out of your PC run the RAM and FSB at the same speed 1:1 and SiSoft Sandra is a good program to find bottlenecks
  6. roblae


    I use ZA pro it's the best one out there it makes your PC ports stealth
  7. roblae

    1700+ With No Gaps

    Well... there is an excellent reason why the chip has no gap it's because it is already unlocked like all T-bred and Barton chips I suggest you remove the stuff you put on it and try to O/C via the BIOS if you can The L3 only gives access to the lower set of multi on the 1700+ you have already access to these
  8. roblae


  9. roblae

    Where Do You Live

    In a big house on the side of a mountain in Rigaud Quebec Canada
  10. roblae


    Darn I'm only 29 but at least I'm still trustworthy until next year
  11. roblae


    You tell em old man feels good to see "or read" you guys B)
  12. roblae


    here is a link to micro$oft on this issue http://www.microsoft.com/security/incident/blast.asp and the Symantec link http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcen...valinstructions also look here for the error you got http://www.techsupportforums.com/showthrea...6569&forumid=10
  13. roblae


    They would fall into the category of "and those elsewhere". i know this...but do we really want to welcome the french? you mean stuff like that Volcompimp It's just a few guys like this that makes this site S*CK soooo much as for the rest youre all great
  14. roblae

    Water Cooling

    I belive they will use there existing blocks with a simple bracket upgrade
  15. roblae

    Most Frequenlty Ask Questions

    Q: Is 60