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  1. full time student (high school) Part time at the local Circuit City selling and fixing computers
  2. i contacted the guy today, and he is sending me new sticks. That is a good ebayer!
  3. It was 47 million, and i did not even let it finish all the tests. I got the ram on ebay, and the guy guaranteed it against doa. I think that 47 million errors would constitute being doa.
  4. I just built a rig to play with. It is a dual xeon setup that uses rdram. I got it built, and then i went and powered it up. It powered up ok and i got into the bios. I looked around in there and everything seemed to be ok. I then got my trusty knoppix live boot disc and threw that in. Again, it booted right into knoppix without a problem. The next step was to install windows 2k3 server. I got into the setup, and here is where the problems is. When i got to the part where it copies files to the hard drive right after formating the drive, it throws me an error. the error was "page fault in nonpage area" I have gotten it several times, and i even tried xp pro and got the same error. I can not even get debian linux to install properly. I went and ran memtest for a little. When i stopped running memtest, i had about 47,000,000 errors. I am curious as to why i can load knoppix without a problem (i believe knoppix puts a lot in data into the ram) and my memory fails in memtest
  5. i am building this rig as a toy, so i don't really care that it is old stuff (that is what i was aiming for) http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....=&Go.x=0&Go.y=0 that on that list under like 65 bucks would be best?
  6. it is a SUPERMICRO P4DC6+ would this work http://www.newegg.com/Product/Showimage.as...Supply+-+Retail
  7. I am getting a dual xeon board and i just saw how much power it needs. It needs a 24 pin, a 8 pin, and a 4 pin power hookup to run. I have found adapters that will get my an 8 pin connector, but they use the 4 pin to convert it. What i need is to have all three of those available. Anyone know how i can rig that up?
  8. I just got a dual xeon board that is atx extended format. I need a real cheap case to put it in. Anyone got any suggestions?
  9. mine idles at 26c and goes to about 35 on a full load. that is on stock cooling by the way
  10. what are the specs on that dvd burner?
  11. ok, i found out the problem it is has something to do with the ram. i had it setup so there would be 1 stick in dimm 2 and one stick in dimm 4 (two different channels). When setup like that it would not boot. i then removed the dimm 4 stick, and it booted right up. The problem is that i want to run dual channel and it does not seem to boot when there is a stick in each channel. When i put both sticks on the same channel, it only sees 512 (each stick is 512). i also have another problem. when windows comes up, it finds new hardware called ide channel. when is tries to install drivers or something, is says something about not being for this platform. any help?
  12. i have not had a chance to check that... but would everything still turn on like that if something was grounded?
  13. i started to built my new system today, and i am running into some problems. the board is an msi kt8 neo2 the processor is a a64 3200+ i got everything together ok. When i press the power button everything turns on and fans spin, but i don't get anything on the screen. here is what i have tried: different video card reseat processor reseat ram reset cmos i am not sure what else i could do. suggestions? thanks
  14. got a picture of the zalman heatsink?
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