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  1. syneze

    Lost One

    Who cares already, people buy Dell's, get over it. Not everyone has the ability or ambition to assemble their own machine. They aren't that bad of a deal...I look over the flyers now and again and I myself would have a hard time putting together a computer for some of the prices they have. Yes, the build quality is obviously lower, but not everyone needs a ub3r l33t0 ch33t0 h4x0r r0xX0r r33t machine. Keep in mind that a lot of them come with wireless routers, digital cameras, printers...etc etc.
  2. syneze

    Omg! Life Is Unfair!

    I think that's the most sensible reply I've seen to this thread. It's not even $150, you can get a nice Enermax for under $100.
  3. syneze

    Wtb (wanted To Borrow) Java Book

    Here's a bunch of books online...why bother paying for shipping? I would suggest "thinking in java" by bruce eckel, it's near the top. http://www.maththinking.com/boat/booksIndex.html
  4. syneze

    Help With C++

    very simple fix, you need to include parameters in your header for "theChoices" like this: double theChoices(double, int); also, when you call theChoices in your main program you need to pass two parameters to it, the first being a double, the second being an integer. Hope that helps.
  5. syneze

    Arghh Resistors

    http://www.alltronics.com/leds.htm http://www.oatleyelectronics.com/leds.htm http://www.allelectronics.com/cgi-bin/cate...=340&type=store
  6. syneze

    Why God Why?

    I don't see the big deal...this is just like videocards. You can get a made by ATI, or you can get something like a powercolour, sapphire... etc that basically uses the exact same components. ATI (or Nvidia) produce the technology and then sell it to others just like microchip companies make RAM chips and sell them to OCZ, Corsair.. etc. It's not exactly cheap to make fabricate your own RAM chips so to keep cost down many distributors have to buy them. As Ayokona said, it spurs competition and lowers prices.
  7. syneze

    Some Discussion Questions!

    1. Favorite software package? Maple (for those doozy integrals) 2. How fast do you type? 80 wpm 3. When did you first get involved with computers and the internet? mmm probably about 6 years ago 4. If you could change something about the system you built what would it be? A newer 2500+, mine doesn't OC too well 5. What do you do for a living? University student - computer engineering 6. Whats a great site that others may not know about? www.pinkbike.com 7. Where are you at in the world? Ontario, Canada 8. How old are you? 19
  8. syneze

    What A Scam

    He explicitely states the cost of shipping in each auction. Yes, $25 shipping for a watch is ridiculous but it's not a scam, all the info is there. The complaints probably come from idiots who are too lazy to read.
  9. syneze

    What A Scam

    almost 94% positive feedback, what's so bad about that?
  10. syneze


    just go to options and choose "torture test". That's the best one. Leave norton on, your comp isn't stable if you can't perform all of the normal tasks while OC'ed.
  11. syneze

    OCC Survivor Season 2 - Week 6

    it reads Omega Red
  12. what the hell are you talkin about...that's some magic ram you're dreamin' up there bud. BH-5's can't even do that. But I agree with eva, the geil would be better OC'in RAM and I would take it in a second over the nitro for only 3$ more.
  13. syneze


    or OEM can mean it's only made for production and cannot be sold aftermarket. For instance my bike came with an OEM fork, which means you can only get that particular fork if you buy that bike as you cannot buy it separately.
  14. syneze

    Is This Normal

    That's a FireGL, not a 9700PRO.
  15. syneze

    Is This Normal

    hi, that score is probably pretty accurate...your videocard isn't very good. 3dmark03 doesn't really test your CPU.