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Naked Wines!


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Okay. I'm back, and asking for any photo-shoppers to have a go at this for me.


A close friend of mine is starting his own wine business, ie, wine consultancy and sales etc etc.


Here's the problem. The logo. I asked him what he wanted, here are his requirements (bear in mind it is called 'Naked Wines' ok?)


Need it to be modern but still along the classical line (like the font [in the attached images] if you see what I mean) thought about Roman naked woman statue holding a wine glass (that type of thing)


needs to appeal to young wealthy new money types and the old school money as well!


needs to have a 'naked' theme (but obviously not smutty - its gonna be public...)




Look at the attached images so far....these are early though and if someone could have a go at a better logo, i would be a very happy man indeed. doesn't have to be definitive, just something to make a good start on.


Thanks guys and gals: you can always be relied upon :D

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Ill tell ya what, ill start working on sketches tonight, and have some work for you to look at tomorrow.

heres the details i will need,

if you need a 'logo' that can mean many things, so please make it a little clear.

I do these kinds of projects for clients and i can do any or all of this, so please tell me what ya need.

fonts. i can experiment with premade fonts if you want, but a private font is preferable, one designed specifically for your company.

font prefrences should stand for what the company stands for and be attractive to whom the company wants to attract as custamers.

logo design often includes the name of the company in the specified font, sometimes only the first two letters, and sometimes includes an image.

logo images are usually mascots or avatar for the company, a visual refrence for the company

label design .... sence you are not a winemaker, you wont need this


so let me know what lengths you want me to start working tword and ill get some sketches done for tomorrow, k?

and lets not turn this into a pm conversation, this way other designers can learn from it.


A thought, Are there any label designs that look like what you may want? ive always liked the dom perignon label, that may be a way to go, its well known and familliar, another popular label is roederer's Cristal bottle, we could create a logo based on a popular label.

between europian, african, american traditional, american modern, spanish, italian, russian, or german wine labels, which ones look most attractive to you? why?



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is this going to have to coexsist with the tree in the logo, or can it replace it? or (again) is the whole top fair game to redesign?


**i decided not to wait for an answer :P here's something did with a couple different fonts...also i personally think it looks classier w/o venus holding the wine glass.

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k, this is a quick sketch with an image

and the font on the second one is an example of what can be done once you start editing a typeface. it takes a while, and this one isnt close to finished, but is an original type, it is modifyed from a poor richard type.

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ok here is matt's reply:


thanks for helping out on this,


The customer base is going to be quite ranging, from "old school" managing director types to new money "footballers and lottery winners"...basically quite a small but hopefully very wealthy clientele. And the wines are going to be high end, old and new world wines.


So for these reasons image is everything and ill be using the best quality paper and business cards i can get my hands on.


Fonts - Really like the fonts used in the original examples and Sykocus' last example. The more Italic type ones. So as far as what the font should stand for i guess.....Quality, Prestige, Unique (as far as the company is concerned).


Logo - For starters its just going to be on letter heads, website and business cards, then maybe on the side of a delivery van/car. My worry is fitting it onto the Business Card size and then blowing up onto van door size. It wont be used on own brand bottle labels unless things really kicked off!


Really like all the ideas of the Roman type statues, cos it brings in the more classical side.


Heres a good example.....It kind of needs to appeal to the Old School Dom Perignon drinker, who knows this is their favourite champagne and will always drink it regardless of cost because it is what they enjoy as well as appeal to the new money rappers who drink Cristal because theyve been told that its the best, looks good in a golden wrapper but wouldnt be able to tell the difference if you gave them a cheap Spanish Cava to taste.


Would always go down the European line of wine labels....French Burgundy, Rhone etc...because it gives the classical feeling, but with the Australian, twist to it. d'Arenberg wines are a good example of a new world wine label i like, http://www.darenberg.com.au/


Hope this helps

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