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  1. Thanks guys! mabey I wont make a hit counter, i could see where it would come in handy with ad sales, but im really not tryin to take my comic in that direction, i guess i shoulda thought about it more before asking the gurus here, thanks again! i hope you all get to enjoy the site! You guys are so smart! -Andy
  2. okay, so i have a website, as you can see from the link below. i was considering putting in a hit counter, is there any way to do this in dreamweaver? i dont have frontpage, so thats out. any dreamweaver experts wanna show off a lil and tell me how to overcome this problem? i also have flash if that helps. thanks, -Andy
  3. Thanks Newport! sure ya can! so whats your fav so far? -A
  4. Thanks guys! Yeah, I know, my spelling is really embarassing. Im workin on it. Raven65> a blank white page?.... most of the site...(all of the site so far) is .GIFs perhaps your browser cannot load gifs? for some strange reason? now that im finally comfortable with the layout and everything I'll probably go back and try to fix the aweful spelling. -Andy
  5. K, so a little over a month ago I decided it would be interesting to try and write one comic strip a day, loosely based around my life, or how I felt that day, and see what happened. After the people I showed the strips to started asking for more, I decided to start a website.... and now I'd like to share with you guys! Anyways, Whaddya think? http://www.arlingtoncomics.com/ -Andy P.S. - all work is done in illustrator, website created in dreamweaver.
  6. thats it! im never goin to Canadia!....ever!!
  7. Lol! flame on you holy posters! seriously though, you WILL be breaking copyrights by charging for ANY game you have not created (including the engine) it is possable to do, but try and keep it low profile, mabey putting it in a school is not the best place?.... anyway, just a consideration. MAME is definatlly the premier arcade emu, that kinda project can be allot of fun, but also cost allot of dough... so if ya find a way to do it cheep, please let us know, im curious to see if ya can do it!.... mabey even take pics an write an article for occ and let em pay ya for it! (they will do that) and for god sakes people PLEASE stop using google, its bad for your brain www.vivisimo.com
  8. dude i got a crest spinbrush pro.... but it wasnt cleaning fast enough, so i added more ram, a clear case mod, and overclocked the engine!... with the super keen "saliva cooling system" i hooked up, it runs like a dream! all my friends are so jealous!! 733t!!!!1 ....joking....
  9. ummm... i hope you guys didnt give these 'easy money' people your (or your parents) credit card numbers.... sounds like a scam 2 me!
  10. No Problem man, anytime.... design questions are my fav!
  11. k, this is kinda old news by now, but you guys might as well know... the 510 contacts from paris hiltons cell phone book have been hacked and distributed all over the internet anddd.... pics... edited by requests...geez
  12. okay, two more sketches, the first, a Dom Perignon style the second, a french script, tell me what u think.
  13. k, this is a quick sketch with an image and the font on the second one is an example of what can be done once you start editing a typeface. it takes a while, and this one isnt close to finished, but is an original type, it is modifyed from a poor richard type.
  14. Ill tell ya what, ill start working on sketches tonight, and have some work for you to look at tomorrow. heres the details i will need, if you need a 'logo' that can mean many things, so please make it a little clear. I do these kinds of projects for clients and i can do any or all of this, so please tell me what ya need. fonts. i can experiment with premade fonts if you want, but a private font is preferable, one designed specifically for your company. font prefrences should stand for what the company stands for and be attractive to whom the company wants to attract as custamers. logo design often includes the name of the company in the specified font, sometimes only the first two letters, and sometimes includes an image. logo images are usually mascots or avatar for the company, a visual refrence for the company label design .... sence you are not a winemaker, you wont need this so let me know what lengths you want me to start working tword and ill get some sketches done for tomorrow, k? and lets not turn this into a pm conversation, this way other designers can learn from it. A thought, Are there any label designs that look like what you may want? ive always liked the dom perignon label, that may be a way to go, its well known and familliar, another popular label is roederer's Cristal bottle, we could create a logo based on a popular label. between europian, african, american traditional, american modern, spanish, italian, russian, or german wine labels, which ones look most attractive to you? why? ---Roo
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